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Nimble Kick

Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle. · By Nimble Tools

Cpu Overloaded outside of Fl Studio When you using Nimble Kick

A topic by christofferkonggaard created 10 days ago Views: 96 Replies: 22
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So when i use Nimble Kick inside Fl studio, my CPU outside of Fl Studio ( i check it with task manager) goes to 100%.

If i wait after doing anything with the nimble kick, the CPU goes back to normal.

When i dont use Nimble Kick this does not happend.

Does Anyone have a fix to thise?

I can't reproduce this. Which version of FL Studio do you have?

I have v20.6 

Thanks for fast reply

Interesting, I have 20.6 as well and cannot reproduce this. What else are you doing in the plugin? Is there any sample loaded? Do you have an flp you can share that has the issue?


It always happends, even if i dont have anything else loaded in the project. However i do have to use the plugin before anything happends. Loading samples into it seems to be hardest for it. 

Heres af FLP where it happend


Hm, using both your flp and wav, I can't reproduce a 100% CPU. Sometimes, very long samples can cause problems, but your sample here seems fine.

What CPU do you have?

Thise one:

Intel(R) Core(TM), i7-4770k CPU @ 3.50GHz  3.50 GHz


Oh and heres the sample that was used in the FLP

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Can you show us your hardware specs, please?

Same goes for what drive you installed your programs and plugins onto.

From where did you try to import your sample? An HDD? SSD? External HDD/SSD?

What process is causing a full load on your CPU?

Also if one or more of your drives have been running for a few years already it would be cool to check their health just in case. (I highly doubt that it is a factor in this case but, just make sure.)

Here is a video showcasing how it happends (and the specs of my pc)

I am getting the samples in the video from another hard drive, than the one Nimble Kick is on. 

After some testing it seems like having the samples on the same hard drive as nimble kick dont help

It looks like this starts happening when you load a pretty big sample in, am I right?

Yhea it does seem like the length of the sample means alot, i can  see CPU problems  wen it loads in and when used. I dont encounter much problems when using small samples

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Which process is causing this?

Did you check your HDD health?

Thinking about it, what about your RAM blocks?

It seems like when using big samples the CPU goes crazy. 

My HDD's health seems fine

I have 16 GB DDR3 Memory and my speed is 2133 MHz, I use 4 slots, my form factor is DIMM and my hardware reserve is 122 MB.

If thise is not the information your looking for, then i dont know what you mean about my RAM blocks

My concern was the health of those blocks.

Same goes for what process is the culprit of using up your CPU, since you state that its outside FL Studio. You should be able to see that in the task manager, no?

I only somewhat experience these issues you're having by loading large ass sample files longer than 50 (ish) seconds, but my system never freaked out like that, nothing outside FL Studio is throttled to the max, etc, it just freeze for a few seconds and then it works fine afterwards, I can run a session for hours with no issue.

The samples you've shared so far worked fine here, not sure what else to ask. :/

It seems like thise samples realy messes with Nimble Kick, do you experience thise?

It is 7 sec long, that might be it

This kick has some space that get trimmed by Nimble Kick, so it looks like normal lenght. I experience about 1 min of 100% CPU from using this kick.

Thanks for the samples, I'll try messing around with them.

Seems like the stretch tool, pith tools, loading samples in and playing samples are what causes CPU problems mostly.

Also my FL crashed after using a  4 sec sample for 15 min. It happend when i pitched the sample inside Nimble Kick.  There were only short term 100% CPU problem while using that sample, in those 15 min.

Yes, one thing that's important to note is that Nimble Kick is not made for samples that long. Consider using shorter samples instead (for example, each beat in a regular 150bpm hardstyle track is 400ms, so if you want your kick to span at most 2 beats you'd make samples that are roughly 800ms long.)

Yhea ive started doing this, with no major problem yet. So thanks for amazing feedback, tho i still wonder why Antiverse can have such long samples and i cant.

I think there might be some issues with switching between different (long) samples very quickly, I'll be taking a look at it.

Thanks for amazing support. I have used Nimble Kick a bit more now, and as long as i use small samples i dont get any problems. 

Thanks for cool plugin