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Not easily. I will note down that "export embedded sample" could be a useful feature. Thanks!

Unfortunately I am not licensed to distribute VST2 plugins.

Yeah I agree, it definitely does need a bit of fresh paint! It got a small overhaul with the last updates, but it was pretty minimal.

The update is definitely still coming.. I just need to find the right time to work on it since I have a few other projects going on.

I appreciate your interest!

Are you getting any specific error? Have you installed it to the right location? (See also the included Readme file.) If you need more assistance, feel free to email as well.

I may be a little biased, but definitely! :) If your Windows says that it may be something sketchy, that's just a false positive and safe to ignore.

When you say your PC crashed, what do you mean by that? Is it a blue screen error? Does Windows freeze up?

Usually these kinds of problems are not caused by any particular software, but it's more the fault of a driver and/or specific hardware.

It's a false positive. You can freely add it to the allow list in Windows Defender.

You mean the file is suddenly deleted? I'm not sure what would cause this, maybe it's something in your system?

Wow it sure has been a while! Sorry for the delay. This should now be fixed in 1.2.3 :)

Hey, sorry for the delay, the update is now (finally) out. Let me know if that solves the problem for you!

Hi Roy, sorry for the delay. Can you check if 1.2.3 works for you?

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Hi, Nimble Kick 1.2.3 is released now. ( Let me know if that solves your problem!

Hi, I will try to upload the update for Nimble Kick on MacOS tomorrow.

In that case, since you mentioned the plugin manager shows it, I recommend consulting the FL Studio manual or contacting the FL Studio support.

I think this is a bit of an FL Studio question. You might have to Star/Favorite it for it to show up in your quick selection menu.

The AU version should be included in the MacOS download! 😊

Nimble Kick does its best to detect the pitch but it's not always correct, especially if your kick doesn't have a whole lot of clear low end frequencies.

Can you tell me more about what you mean with it throwing off the pitch? What happens exactly?

Are you sure you've put it in the right directory? FL Studio's plugin manager will show you the directories it's looking for.

You can contact for this.

Unfortunately we don't have a good way of doing a trial version right now, but we've been thinking about potential ways to solve that. It will be a while until we have this figured out though, so don't count on it to come anytime soon. Sorry about that! :(

Please send an email to

Yes, Argent Compressor should work natively on Apple Silicon as of 1.2.0 :)

In Finder, press Shift+Cmd+G, and then type "~/Library" to get to the Library folder. You might have to create the VST3 folder yourself if it doesn't exist yet.

I understand the sample loading problem, I already have a fix for that which I will be releasing soon. I'm just curious about the crashing; does Logic say anything else? What are you doing when Logic says it's causing instability?

Not sure about that crash - do you have a crash report? Is it any specific sample that is causing a crash?

As for when the update will release, it might take another week and a half, as I am currently traveling in a different continent :)

Yep this has been suggested a number of times already. I'm curious in what way you're envisioning this though - do you mean just doing it to "edit" a kick, or to change the pitch in real-time, like when you're playing different midi notes?

It should be possible! Noted, thanks :)

Can't guarantee anything, because I have a lot of other projects I am also working on, but I do want to get an update out!

You need to put the file in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 or Components.

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Hi, was it you who I emailed earlier? If so, I have sent you a fix for this.

And for everyone else who needs a fix for this, I will release this as an update as soon as possible!

Have you moved the files recently? If you put those files back in their original location, Nimble Kick will be able to find them again. For future reference, you might wanna consider enabling "Embed sample in plugin state" in the settings (click the "..." button in the bottom right).

Hey, I replied to the Nimble Kick thread with a general answer for this. This should also work for Misstortion 2. Let me know if this solves your problem:

On Mac, you might need to add Nimble Kick to your system plugins path, as FL Studio doesn't automatically add the user's local plugins folder to its plugin manager.

To get to this location in Finder, open a Finder window, then in the top bar click on "Go" followed by "Go to folder" (or press Shift+Cmd+G), then type "/Library" (note the slash at the start). From here, navigate to "Audio" -> "Plug-Ins". In here, you might need to create a "VST3" folder if it doesn't exist yet. Inside of this folder is where you place Nimble Kick.vst3.

Then, open FL's plugin manager and re-scan for plugins. Nimble Kick should now show up.

Oh I didn't realize you were talking about Mac in your other comment. I only have an M1 Mac, so I can't test on M2 myself, but I'll take a look at this on my M1 tomorrow.

Are you sure you placed the file in the correct folder? Have you tried re-scanning your plugins in the FL Studio plugin manager?

Incredibly detailed! Thank you for writing this!

Make sure the right-most button on the bottom of the UI is checked, this turns the Tone knob from a frequency knob to a note knob.

I'm afraid I don't really understand the problem, that's why I asked for a video. Were you having trouble doing a video recording?

I'm not sure I understand the question. If you want to pitch the punch separately from the tail, there is currently no feature for that in Nimble Kick. It's a frequently asked for feature though, so I might still introduce it at some point.

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Nimble Kick should be Apple Silicon compatible as of 1.2.0, so you shouldn't need Rosetta. Can you not get it to work?