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Unfortunately we don't have a good way of doing a trial version right now, but we've been thinking about potential ways to solve that. It will be a while until we have this figured out though, so don't count on it to come anytime soon. Sorry about that! :(

Please send an email to

Yes, Argent Compressor should work natively on Apple Silicon as of 1.2.0 :)

In Finder, press Shift+Cmd+G, and then type "~/Library" to get to the Library folder. You might have to create the VST3 folder yourself if it doesn't exist yet.

I understand the sample loading problem, I already have a fix for that which I will be releasing soon. I'm just curious about the crashing; does Logic say anything else? What are you doing when Logic says it's causing instability?

Not sure about that crash - do you have a crash report? Is it any specific sample that is causing a crash?

As for when the update will release, it might take another week and a half, as I am currently traveling in a different continent :)

Yep this has been suggested a number of times already. I'm curious in what way you're envisioning this though - do you mean just doing it to "edit" a kick, or to change the pitch in real-time, like when you're playing different midi notes?

It should be possible! Noted, thanks :)

Can't guarantee anything, because I have a lot of other projects I am also working on, but I do want to get an update out!

You need to put the file in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 or Components.

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Hi, was it you who I emailed earlier? If so, I have sent you a fix for this.

And for everyone else who needs a fix for this, I will release this as an update as soon as possible!

Have you moved the files recently? If you put those files back in their original location, Nimble Kick will be able to find them again. For future reference, you might wanna consider enabling "Embed sample in plugin state" in the settings (click the "..." button in the bottom right).

Hey, I replied to the Nimble Kick thread with a general answer for this. This should also work for Misstortion 2. Let me know if this solves your problem:

On Mac, you might need to add Nimble Kick to your system plugins path, as FL Studio doesn't automatically add the user's local plugins folder to its plugin manager.

To get to this location in Finder, open a Finder window, then in the top bar click on "Go" followed by "Go to folder" (or press Shift+Cmd+G), then type "/Library" (note the slash at the start). From here, navigate to "Audio" -> "Plug-Ins". In here, you might need to create a "VST3" folder if it doesn't exist yet. Inside of this folder is where you place Nimble Kick.vst3.

Then, open FL's plugin manager and re-scan for plugins. Nimble Kick should now show up.

Oh I didn't realize you were talking about Mac in your other comment. I only have an M1 Mac, so I can't test on M2 myself, but I'll take a look at this on my M1 tomorrow.

Are you sure you placed the file in the correct folder? Have you tried re-scanning your plugins in the FL Studio plugin manager?

Incredibly detailed! Thank you for writing this!

Make sure the right-most button on the bottom of the UI is checked, this turns the Tone knob from a frequency knob to a note knob.

I'm afraid I don't really understand the problem, that's why I asked for a video. Were you having trouble doing a video recording?

I'm not sure I understand the question. If you want to pitch the punch separately from the tail, there is currently no feature for that in Nimble Kick. It's a frequently asked for feature though, so I might still introduce it at some point.

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Nimble Kick should be Apple Silicon compatible as of 1.2.0, so you shouldn't need Rosetta. Can you not get it to work?

Good point. I'll have to think about this in UI. Thanks!

The reverse reverb is a cool idea, but might be hard in practice, as you'd pretty often have kicks that are longer than 1/4. I'll keep it in mind though, I like the idea a lot!

There's been suggestions for outputting punch & tail to 2 separate outputs instead of only the main output signal. I haven't experimented a lot with this, but I do know that FL Studio potentially supports it. Not sure if this will be possible in all DAW's, but having this feature will allow for a lot more flexibility per part of the kick.

Sorry, I did not see your comment before, and I was very busy yesterday, so your message notification got lost.

Do you think you can make a video of your problem? I'm not sure I've heard of this happening before. Are you saying that all algorithms sound the same as if you were using Resample?

Maybe you are using the "resample" algorithm?

Yes! I do have plans to implement things like that. Currently I am trying to juggle my time between 3 or 4 different projects, so it's taking me some time to figure stuff out, but you should be able to expect more exciting features this year!

This is huge! Thank you for sharing this!

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Pro Tools does not support VST3 out of the box. You'll have to use an AAX to VST3 wrapper (for example, BlueCat Audio's Patchwork) to make it work. (I have no experience with this however, so YMMV)

In the past I've tried getting access to the AAX SDK, but their terms are incredibly unfriendly to independent developers, so I haven't been able to.

Y down is soft clip, Y up is hard clip. The peak filter that comes before it is 1st order (6 dB/octave).

Not at all! You can just download it from your download page. You can find it in your email. If you lost it, you can use the "Recover Purchases" form on the Itch support page here:

Ah, I see! Thanks for the clarification :)

I don't have an ETA right now unfortunately, especially since I got a lot of separate work I need to finish now. I hope to get more time to work on it soon though!

This is not accurate. In fact, most of my own kick samples are 32 bit.

I believe this is a problem with Ableton specifically, because they keep the file open (locked) so Nimble Kick can't use the file. When Ableton re-opens, the lock is no longer there so you can load it into Nimble Kick just fine.

I'm with you though, this is annoying. I might look into whether shared file loading is possible.

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I think the fix for this was supposed to be in 1.2.0 but perhaps there's still something wrong :( I saw another thread with a similar issue.

I'm working on having the ability to do different samples for punch and tail. It will be coming at some point! I don't have an ETA yet though.

Not sure about the punch reverb, right now there's an option for a very basic reverb, but I also don't want to make it too complex with too many options.

Thank you!

You said you had accidentally deleted the plugin before. How did that happen? It sounds like your copy of Nimble Kick somehow got corrupted on disk.

You can try deleting the component file entirely and then putting 1.2.1 into the folder again. Then, before starting Logic, try deleting ~/Library/Application Support/NimbleKick.settings as well.

Can you try the latest version, 1.2.1?

Thanks for the report, I have fixed this for the next update!

After releasing 1.2.0, I had to release a quick hotfix to fix a crash introduced with 1.2.0.

The crash would happen when loading projects with Nimble Kick that are using a different algorithm than the default one.