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This is not accurate. In fact, most of my own kick samples are 32 bit.

I believe this is a problem with Ableton specifically, because they keep the file open (locked) so Nimble Kick can't use the file. When Ableton re-opens, the lock is no longer there so you can load it into Nimble Kick just fine.

I'm with you though, this is annoying. I might look into whether shared file loading is possible.

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I think the fix for this was supposed to be in 1.2.0 but perhaps there's still something wrong :( I saw another thread with a similar issue.

I'm working on having the ability to do different samples for punch and tail. It will be coming at some point! I don't have an ETA yet though.

Not sure about the punch reverb, right now there's an option for a very basic reverb, but I also don't want to make it too complex with too many options.

Thank you!

You said you had accidentally deleted the plugin before. How did that happen? It sounds like your copy of Nimble Kick somehow got corrupted on disk.

You can try deleting the component file entirely and then putting 1.2.1 into the folder again. Then, before starting Logic, try deleting ~/Library/Application Support/NimbleKick.settings as well.

Can you try the latest version, 1.2.1?

Thanks for the report, I have fixed this for the next update!

After releasing 1.2.0, I had to release a quick hotfix to fix a crash introduced with 1.2.0.

The crash would happen when loading projects with Nimble Kick that are using a different algorithm than the default one.

This should be fixed in 1.2.1 that came out today!

Audacity's wiki says that VST 3 plugins are not supported, so this wouldn't work on Audacity unfortunately.

It is currently in testing. I'd be happy to send you a beta version of 1.2 to see if it fixes your issue! Send me an email:

I got a similar report about this issue today. Perhaps it is a time-based one (expired code-signing certificate used in 1.1?)

I will be releasing Nimble Kick 1.2 soon with a bunch of improvements. Perhaps that will solve your problem too if you haven't figured it out by then.

Do you have more plugins in there that do work?

What's the exact folder you put the vst3?

Cubase might have some kind of error message somewhere, perhaps in the plugin manager? Can you show a screenshot of the greyed out button? What does it look like in the plugin manager?

Which version of Nimble Kick are you using? Are you using the latest version? Do you see any errors?

I've been meaning to look into it, but there's no concrete plans yet.

You'll have to make the VST3 folder yourself in Common Files.

Reason doesn't support VST3 yet, so Nimble Kick currently doesn't work on Reason. It seems like they are working on it for Reason 12 though.

I believe Reason only does VST2. Argent Compressor is only available as a VST3.

No, unfortunately it will not be possible to release an AAX version right now.

Not yet, because I don’t have an M1 myself to test yet. I will be looking into this though!

Hey Dean, this is an Itch thing and mostly out of our control. Best thing you can do is contacting Itch support via or check this page for more info:

I would highly recommend upgrading, definitely. I can't guarantee if we'll be releasing a 32 bit version anytime soon, but I can look into it.

I'm not familiar with Cubase 5, which plugin formats does it support?

Yeah, I'm getting a lot of requests for M1 builds. I don't have an M1 Mac myself, so right now it's really hard for me to actually test such builds. I think I can build them though. Might just have to build a beta version of it and have people test it 🤔

Small update, AAX is not going to work out unfortunately. They have an extremely restrictive license that makes it almost impossible for indie developers to make plugins.

The setup installs Argent Compressor to the standard system VST3 path. Does your VST3 path differ from the default?

Thanks for the heads up, this was indeed a configuration problem on my end.. I've fixed the setup and re-uploaded it!

You mean per band? Or a blend between single -> multi?

We'll definitely consider it. Thanks for the suggestion!

When you use the Stereo version, does that fix the crash?

I'm aware of this crash and I'm working on resolving it. In the meantime - can you check if you are using the Stereo version of the plugin in Logic?

Thanks for the suggestion!

You're the first! :) Will take a look at this, but it won't be available upon release day unfortunately.

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I've answered your email as well, but can you tell me how you've installed Nimble Kick, and which DAW you are using?

Edit: Solved via email. The solution was to put the .vst3 in the correct folder.

Glad you got it working! There's no device limit.

Are you sure you copied the key that is located on your download page? Make sure there's no extra characters like spaces at the start or end. If you need more help with your license key, you can email with more details.

There is no Linux support either, sorry about that! It might work under Proton or Wine though, but I have not tested that.