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Ah okay! That does make sense! I assume I don't check the channel count properly. Thanks for the extra details!

Hey, were you the person who emailed me about this too? If so, sorry I haven't responded yet, but I did see the email!

It's possible that Misstortion 2 is not properly notarized yet. Got a request for this the other day as well, so I'll see if I can get this done soon.

There's a lot of smaller portable midi keyboards you could look into that are specifically made for being on the road. Best of luck!

When you say "buttons" you mean buttons on your actual computer keyboard, or keys on a midi keyboard?

Sounds like the plugin is stealing input focus from your DAW, which makes it so you can't use the buttons. FL Studio has a button for this on the plugin's toolbar. However, this is definitely not a problem exclusive to Nimble Kick, I've had this happen with many of the plugins I use. I'd recommend you get a midi keyboard to work around this problem.

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Hmm that's a pretty unique request! I can definitely make that knob go above 200%, but there will probably be a lot of artifacting as a result. Curious - what do you need it for? And how far beyond 200% do you think you'll need to go?

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Had this suggestion a couple times already, will look into it, thanks!

I suspect it has something to do with the way the license dialog is shown (it's opened as a separate window). Perhaps something is going wrong there, although I'm not entirely sure what. The only way I can see a stack overflow happening is if the modal window callback is being called instantly when the window is opened. Maybe this helps narrow it down? Since this considers the licensing code, if you have any more questions, let's chat via email!

There's no demo available, sorry :( Do you have more details about the segfault? Perhaps I can shed some light on what's potentially going wrong. If you have a stack trace or so, you can email!

Hi, please check the “recover purchases” section on Itch’s support page:

Make sure you are playing notes in the active notes range - try playing your midi notes at higher or lower octaves.

Multiple outputs has been suggested before, which is still something I want to add. Thanks for showing interest in that, it tells me people really want it! 😁

In FL, the slide notes are exclusive/specific to FL-based plugins, so they can not be handled by external VST plugins unfortunately. You can, however, use midi pitch automation to make pitch slides.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean with the "boing-pitch" effect after listening to Frequencerz - Burning, unless you mean the very long pitch-automated tails? I guess you could technically do that with either a longer sample, or by enabling the loop function in Nimble Kick.

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Hey! The best way to recover your download page & key is to enter your email address on this page under "Recover purchases":

Also yes, that is possible! :D

Which folders does Studio One check? You should be able to find this in the options under “Locations”.

What folder is Nimble Kick installed to exactly? And, are you using the 32 bit or 64 bit version?

Hi, is this on Mac or Windows? Can you check if the VST3 file is located in the correct folder? You might have to check Studio One’s settings to find the correct location.

That's a good idea!

Unfortunately not, sorry :(

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Can you give some more details? How high of a frequency are we talking about? Is it audible, or can you only see it in an analyzer? Does it happen for all the algorithms? Which settings are you using? What are the technical details of the sample you are using?

Honestly I'm puzzled as to why it wouldn't work. Is there some kind of Ableton log that can give you more information? I don't have Ableton 11 yet so I can't test this myself right now :(

Are you using the latest version of Nimble Kick? Also which folder are you putting it in exactly?

Thanks Robbert, this looks great!

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Looks like it. Unfortunately I can't support and release VST2 versions of any of my plugins, as VST2 has been deprecated and it's not possible to get a new license agreement with Steinberg for VST2 plugins. :(

I think you'll have to look for either a way to load VST3 plugins into a VST2 host, or switch to a different DAW altogether, but that might be a difficult step to take.

On Windows the install path will be C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\, which is a standard VST3 path that should work in every DAW. Are you having problems finding the plugin in your DAW?

That's odd, I'm not sure why that happens :/ I'll look into it!

Is this on Windows or on Mac? If Mac, are you using the AU or VST3 version? In which folder did you install it exactly?

Did you accidentally uncheck the "Separate tail" box? You might also have accidentally set the "Time" knob to something too high or too low, making the separator invisible.

Hope this helps!

I suggest contacting the support directly and providing them with some information so they can try help recover your download link:

You might need to make your midi notes slightly shorter so that the ADSR has time to release. Kontakt can't solve this without introducing latency, since Midi notes don't carry a note length value (as you can play midi live).

Click on the "..." button in the bottom right, then check the box there:

I recommend enabling the "embed sample" option in Nimble Kick's settings dialog. That way, when samples are relocated or removed, Nimble Kick will still have the sample!

That's great to hear! I'm glad the update fixed it for you! 🥰

Huh, it's really strange that it crashes. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the report!

That would be cool! I think I have it on my list of things to do somewhere. I'll bump it up because I kinda want this myself, too!

That's really weird. I just tried 1.0.4 on Logic myself and it seems to work just fine. Are you sure that Nimble Kick in Logic is routed correctly and all? Can you try it in an empty project?

Couple things that could be the problem here:

  1. Have you entered your license key in the dialog that comes up when you first start Nimble Kick? On MacOS the dialog might be a bit hidden behind other windows in some cases, this is an issue I'm aware of.
  2. Which notes are you playing? You'll have to look for the right octave, as notes outside of the pitch range won't play any sound.

Hi! Today I released 1.0.4 which should fix this problem. Let me know if it helps!

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If you check your email, you should find your download link there. On that page you will find your license key. Let me know if you need any more help finding it!

Thanks for letting me know!

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It depends - if you're using the "Resample" algorithm you'll end up with the most basic pitching possible, I wouldn't recommend using that unless you have a good reason for it. You should probably stick with Time Machine.

If you're already using the time machine algorithm and you're noticing this problem, that's normal as well depending on the sample you put in. Due to the nature of the algorithm, you're better off using samples that are slightly longer than your beat length. For example, if your track is 150 BPM, don't make your kick sample exactly 400ms, make them slightly longer such as ~450ms, because otherwise the algorithm won't know how to fill up the empty space at the end.

Alternatively, you could just set the Stretch knob to ~111% to compensate for the artefact.

That's awesome! Thank you for testing, I'll be releasing a final version of 1.0.4 soon!