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Click on the "..." button in the bottom right, then check the box there:

I recommend enabling the "embed sample" option in Nimble Kick's settings dialog. That way, when samples are relocated or removed, Nimble Kick will still have the sample!

That's great to hear! I'm glad the update fixed it for you! 🥰

Huh, it's really strange that it crashes. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the report!

That would be cool! I think I have it on my list of things to do somewhere. I'll bump it up because I kinda want this myself, too!

That's really weird. I just tried 1.0.4 on Logic myself and it seems to work just fine. Are you sure that Nimble Kick in Logic is routed correctly and all? Can you try it in an empty project?

Couple things that could be the problem here:

  1. Have you entered your license key in the dialog that comes up when you first start Nimble Kick? On MacOS the dialog might be a bit hidden behind other windows in some cases, this is an issue I'm aware of.
  2. Which notes are you playing? You'll have to look for the right octave, as notes outside of the pitch range won't play any sound.

Hi! Today I released 1.0.4 which should fix this problem. Let me know if it helps!

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If you check your email, you should find your download link there. On that page you will find your license key. Let me know if you need any more help finding it!

Thanks for letting me know!

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It depends - if you're using the "Resample" algorithm you'll end up with the most basic pitching possible, I wouldn't recommend using that unless you have a good reason for it. You should probably stick with Time Machine.

If you're already using the time machine algorithm and you're noticing this problem, that's normal as well depending on the sample you put in. Due to the nature of the algorithm, you're better off using samples that are slightly longer than your beat length. For example, if your track is 150 BPM, don't make your kick sample exactly 400ms, make them slightly longer such as ~450ms, because otherwise the algorithm won't know how to fill up the empty space at the end.

Alternatively, you could just set the Stretch knob to ~111% to compensate for the artefact.

That's awesome! Thank you for testing, I'll be releasing a final version of 1.0.4 soon!

Have you gotten my email yet with the test build? Looking for some feedback so that I can release the new update soon!

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Yes! I am pretty sure I figured out the problem and am working on getting a fix out very soon. Can I email you a test version of 1.0.4 so you can test it before I release it? (Let me know your email address too.)

Sorry about this :(

I really hate Apple, ugh. I'll take another look at it later this week. Thanks for the reminder.

I heard their support is very busy right now due to Covid, the summer sale, and the recent racial justice bundle, so it might take a few days for them to answer you.

If you'd like to have the download right now, you can send an email to and I'll send you the zip as an attachment directly. You can include your key in the email as well.

Sorry, I don't know, I don't run Itch, I just use their service. Please contact the Itch support directly:

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Interesting, which version of Logic are you using?

Edit: Oops, sorry, it's in the thread title! I need new glasses.. :D I'm gonna have to try this on my Mac. I don't regularly use Mac so Apple might've broke something. Thanks for the report!

That sounds odd. Have you tried using a different browser to download it? (Additionally even a different computer?)

If you keep having the issue, you should contact the Itch support.

(It might even be possible to download Nimble Kick using the Itch client if that's your kind of thing.)

Check out this temporary workaround:

Ableton 9 doesn't support VST3, which is required for Nimble Kick to work. You should upgrade to at least 10.1. Ableton has been a bit behind the VST tech unfortunately.. :(

Yes, you might have to install this:

Which version of Ableton are you using?

The mode knobs control the filter slope. "Legacy" in this case comes from one of the first versions of Misstortion 1, where the only available mode was a 12 dB/octave filter with a low Q value. I kept this specific mode because it was one that Headhunterz used a lot before I released Misstortion 2.

When you check the pre-dist clip filter option, the distortion is applied after the low pass filter (the clip filter) rather than before. This can be useful if you to put a focus on distorting certain lower frequencies without losing clarity in the high end.

Interesting suggestions! I'll have to take a look, thanks!

Ahh that would explain! Yeah, forwards compatibility is quite a difficult thing to achieve. Perhaps I can make some kind of version sanity check though.

I'm glad you solved it! :D

Yeah, definitely don't send me your license! I activated the Studio One demo though, so feel free to DM a broken project to Thanks!

Interesting bug. I don't have a Studio Once license unfortunately so it'd be a bit hard for me to test, but I will try this same thing in some other DAW's.

Can you check if you both have the same Nimble Kick settings? (in particular the "store sample in project" checkbox)

Do you mean your DAW doesn't support VST3?

Nimble Kick is only available as a VST3. If your DAW does not support VST3, you should update your DAW. Which DAW do you use?

I assume this is on Mac? Try this as a temporary workaround:

(It's a known issue caused by some weird Apple-related things.)

Thanks for the suggestions! For the first suggestion, you can try using the Pogo knob (with "Punch only" checked), which might help for you, although of course it's not ideal. I know some people have used it for that purpose though.

The second suggestion is interesting, but I'm afraid that adding things like that could make the plugin unnecessarily complex - eg. it might be better to layer different kicks/punches over each other, render them out, and then put that into Nimble Kick.

I'll definitely be keeping your suggestions in mind though!

Perhaps! I'll look into it.

Oh, I'm sorry that happened! :(

Please get in contact with the support, they'll be able to help resolve this issue for you:

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When did you buy it exactly? You should've received an email from Itch with a download link. You might've typo'd your email address if you never received an email. It would be good to get into contact with's support in that case.

Hmm that's supposed to work - I'll have to test this again. Thanks!

I'm not sure what you're doing wrong then. Can you double check if you put the vst3 in the correct (64 bit) folder?

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Try installing the latest version of the C++ runtime:

Oh, it does have a Linux target now! That's new to me. I will play around with this soon, thanks!

Indeed, I can't release it as a VST2 unfortunately. :( Building as a Linux plugin is a bit difficult as well since I believe I need a fork of Juce in order to build it, which kinda sucks. Might try some day though!

Great! :D