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Not sure about that crash - do you have a crash report? Is it any specific sample that is causing a crash?

As for when the update will release, it might take another week and a half, as I am currently traveling in a different continent :)

No Logic itself says that a specific plug in is causing instability. and if nimble kick is currently the only plugin which is loaded, i assume it's nimble kick. and you still can't load samples. it's all greyed out. I tried less safety in the security settings but nothing at all it's kinda frustrating. it's a Logic Pro specific issue. I don't have any problems within cubase 12.its running flawless and you can load samples without ay problem. but I won't start from scratch with the project again. 

I understand the sample loading problem, I already have a fix for that which I will be releasing soon. I'm just curious about the crashing; does Logic say anything else? What are you doing when Logic says it's causing instability?

it says an Audio Unit reports a problem that is causing instability. quit Logic Pro and restart. I translated this by myself. I checked everything once again and I must revise my recent post in terms of cubase 12: in cubase 12 you can load samples by drag and drop from the DAW. but you cannot load it by the plugin/folder either. its also greyed out. in logic you neither can't drag and drop from DAW nor load from nimble plugin. you only can load it by drag and drop directly from the folder. and sometimes not always this is causing the crash warning. 

Hey, sorry for the delay, the update is now (finally) out. Let me know if that solves the problem for you!

Hey! Yes thank you very much! Works fine now. Great update! 

Hi can you send me the fix too please? Kind regards Roy

Hi Roy, sorry for the delay. Can you check if 1.2.3 works for you?

It sure does, thank you very much for the hard work.