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Minotaur Hotel

Meet the minotaur and manage a magical hotel in this 18+ visual novel. · By Minoh Workshop, nanoff

bugs or code missing

A topic by jordan699 created 52 days ago Views: 41 Replies: 4
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for bugs and code missing

i have like 3 of then i took a pick of and then i had to leave the game or i would get anger 


Hello Jordan, I'm willing to bet you're getting this issue when loading an old save with the new build (02). Due to changes we're doing on the backend of the game there are compatibility issues when loading from old saves, which is why we advise to load files saved at the very end of the build.

If this is the case, load your old save on build 0.1, get to the very end of the game (or the little teaser at the end, that works too!) save, and continue from build 02. Alternatively you can start a save file on build 02 and use renpy's skip function which should get you up to speed really quickly. On all builds starting with 02 we now let you know when it's safe to save, sorry about that.

so i just need to start a new one