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i will thank you :) <3

i did not get to play the original i found out about this site at the start of the year so i don't know what is going to happen and that makes it a lot more fun :)

thank you :) i like playing this game i so want to see what happens to tatsuki so bad

hi i love playing this game and i hope there will be a update to this soon i really want to see what happens and ive been fighting the urge to watching someone play a older version of it i sssssssoooooooo hope there is a new update soon i want to see what happens with everyone....... oh who am i kidding i want to see so bad what happens with tatsuki and then everyone eles i like him :)

i mean i hope... no they well be great when they are both done :)

fist off i love this game so fair and cant wait for more and two i did not know you guys made this game as well as Homecoming Morenatsu Revisited i love both games and hope that both well be amazing when done <3

help what does this mean 

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2 things

1. like this game and can wait to see what happens next 

2. i don't know why but every now and again my music is not there are is very very low but i have it set all the way on both the speakers and the game.

oh and my fam is sal :)

thank you it work's :) and its a very good game 

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i can but i would have to take many screenshots because like i said after i  kiss him i just get the error and thats all

hi i love this game but after i get to the part where you can kiss cad my game well not let me see anything and i'm stuck with something a the game code

hehehe i look forward to it ;) and if  you do i think a good way to do it would be if you are a top and have 10 strength, 0 for bitch fame and maybe 8 for hero then you have the open to use a potion on him just idea ;)

Hi first things first, I looove your game been binge playing it all yesterday. i was wondering if you can get you pay back on the guard and ues him instead of him using you id loove to get my back on him :)

i think i found a bug or and being stalked by Darius........ help!

i dont know why but i can't save my game at al

i want to know as well 

i just got to the end of the demo 2 thing.

1. i love this game so much i hope you update it soon 

and 2. you did a  really good job so fair again really hope you up date it soon :) 

i'm glad and i can tell you had fun making this so as long as you keep having fun with it i bet a lot more people  will play it :)

i just Finished with what you have made it up to and i really enjoyed it i hope you do more soon its good :)

hey does anyone know if there is any character has a full story or longer then coach gil

i've just made it to the to be continued  i there is more soon I NEED TO KNOW i really hope it is soon

i found it and sorry 

*spoiler warning*

hi i'm sorry to ask but i'm stuck here and i can't do anything i got to day 27 with coach grifter but the scene keeps messing up for me i already taken off the underwear for him and then if i click on his genitals it gives me the dialogue to take of his underwear i tried to see if i can find a why to fix in on you're devlog but i can find annoying about it i like playing this but i can't move on from after taking off he's underwear sorry again 


sorry its just a habit of my to just say sorry a lot

thank you and sorry for asking haha

hi this is my first time commenting on something so things 

1. i love this game it is so fun i hope that you make a update for it soon 

2. i was wondering if you were going to add a meter for the tavern guy