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Block Sport - A Brutal Ball Game

A topic by Mad Machines created Feb 26, 2017 Views: 1,103 Replies: 14
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Hero Blocks - The Skeletoonian

Thanks for dropping by!

We are a small Danish indie studio, striving to create a new kind of online multiplayer close combat fighting game. Team-based, yeah even 3-4 teams shall be able to fight. 1v1 or 15v15. Even 3v3v3v3!

Our goal is smooth, precise, real deformable and just very gratifying fighting.

We are trying to mix in classical 2D fighting elements, light and heavy attacks, combos, extenders. Fast and slow, and spiced up with some wacky stuff.

Key features

• True multiplayer combat: Up to 30 players. Experience action-packed combat against multiple enemies at once.
• Sports Subtle: elements of well-known sports within base capturing.
• Unique combat system: First fighting system providing control over all 4 limbs, offering endless combat techniques. Mixing in classical 2D fighting game mechanics completes a new combat experience.
• Combat satisfaction: Optimal responsiveness. Impact precision. Real deformation. Player controlled camera.

The origin of Skeletoonians

In a distant future. Humans are long gone.

Earth now belongs to the most unlikely robot life form imaginable…The Skeletoonians live for as long as their bodies can hold voltage. When they run out, they go into a state of hibernation. A never ending search for voltage drives the Skeletoonians to dig up the past…

We are producing a Hero Blocks video series about the Skeletoonians, watch it on our YouTube channel – Click here

Skeletoonians were announced Worldwide in 2035 as an advanced robot-toy. The Skeletoonian shipped with several programs to help children clean their rooms, assist with homework, and provide entertainment to relieve busy parents.

Soon every household had at least one Skeletoonian. That's when the glitches began. One family reported that their Skeletoonian kept stacking every single object perfectly in one room. Another claimed that their two Skeletoonians dressed up as forest animals and started fighting each other. All owners stated that the Skeletoonians copied human body language, recreating everyday situations. The Skeletoonians were pulled from the shelves and left alone in warehouses around the World until one day…

Brains Behind

We like games. We really like games that go the extra miles in regards of gameplay, feel and look. We like mixing genres and our wacky brains guarantee you a different gaming experience. We are excited, and we look forward to sharing our ideas with you.

And that is all for now

For more information about the project, be sure to drop by our website. Or even better, just stay tuned here, as we will share our development progress with you in the future.

And if you are true hero, you can sign up for the alpha already now -->

See you soon! :D

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Hallo to our beloved Hero Block team-mates who has made their way to GDC in San Francisco!

If you happen to be at GDC too, don´t be shy, drop by and say hello! :D

As we wait for the Hero Blocks team to return from GDC (And to get over the worst jet-lag) let us enjoy the 2. episode in our series about the Skeletoonians and the world they inhabit

This episode is called "The Junkyard" and you will see why in a second.
We will look forward to share more with you in the nearest future.
Maybe soon some in-game footage?

In this episode of Hero Blocks we start to build on the universe, creating a little Intrigue.
We will look forward to share more with you in the nearest future.

Have a great weekend!

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Here is a treat for all you people who are patiently waiting for the Hero Blocks Alpha Release.
Enjoy this first sneak peek from actual in-game footage!


Here we have some intense 3 vs 3 arena fighting!

Note that the footage was taken doing an early alpha testing session.


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I think the characters are too skinny, which makes it harder to see what is going on gameplay wise. Also that the limbs are not attached to each other makes things hard to recognize. If leg parts looked significantly different than arm parts the player would have a better scope on the happenings. Lower and upper arm parts could look different too, less like a box. Have you experimented with this?

Otherwise I like it.

Will there be knock downs? What about blunt weapons like a bat or nunchucks?


Hey Melerski and thank you very much for your comment and feedback!

The proportions of the skeletoonians are very important, as we have a very strong focus on satisfying game feel. Nothing is worse than a fighting game where you have a hard time seeing what is going on, as it makes it difficult to read the opponents movements. The last thing we want is to frustrate the player. I will take your feedback and send it to the design team right away! :)

As for your last questions. Maybe, maybe and maybe. Right now we are focusing all our energy into the core game-play and then we will start adding flavor. :)

If you want to be around for that, be sure to sign up for our Alpha. We could use more feedback like yours. -->

Have a great day, and thank you again.

After weeks of intense game-testing, we now have some fresh content to share!

We are currently working on a viking inspired long-hall (Build from scrap metal, naturally).
As you can probably guess, this will be part of a new arena. ;)

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Long time since we have posted anything in public, due to a period of evaluating feedback from all sides, from testers and industry veterans to publishers. All for the better. We listen, we learn, we adapt,  because we are open-minded and open-heartet – our game is a result of a very creative and iterative process. No Kings and Queens. We know how to pivot and we know when to make the really tough decisions.

As many of you might know; it is a very difficult process to create a game, its Art in many ways and its difficult to plan Art and you cant force Art. And when a game grows, team expands and changes, which is of course great, you have a tendency to run faster, grind harder, and completely forget to step of the rollercoaster and take a REAL break. I mean isolate yourself on an island. Forget your project and enjoy your ‘surroundings’ for 2-3 weeks, yes without any digital devices. You cant force this, only time can accomplish this. Its like breaking a rubber band. We did that and we nailed our game design, finally! What a feeling, wow.

We really wish to show you stuff, but we need you to be patient. Soon! Wink

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Big day for Hero Blocks!

Time to show some more of the true colors of this production, with some fresh fighters!
As you can probably tell from this new concept art, the game is moving in a new and exciting direction!

Stay tuned for even more details in the nearest future! Hopefully you will not have to wait for long! :D

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Time to design some serious mining machines. Which one is your favorite?

Stay tuned for some more massive updates in the nearest future.

And don´t forget to sign up for our alpha right here -->

Gladiator style shields for the proud Skeletoonian warriors. Which one is your favorite?

Stay tuned for some MASSIVE updates this week!

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Greetings Hero!
We know you’ve been waiting, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to hear about our game status, and the announcement of our first Alpha test.

It’s been a hell of a ride, and we thank you for being so patient.


Alpha test
We will open for Alpha testing around the end of January, so be prepared for a post containing everything you need to know, including details on how to play.  Alternatively, you can sign up right here.

Our Alpha testing is getting ready to kick off January 22th.


About Hero Blocks
We’ve been hard at work creating a dynamic platform, which we can utilize to build lots of gameplay styles and modes, all focused on precision interaction and optimal player feedback, based on several real-time systems.

But what does it all mean? Hero Blocks? Machineheads? Block Sport?

Allow us to explain.

Our company and platform is named Hero Blocks. Block Sport are the robotic characters present in the game. Block Sport is a game mode we’re very excited about.

We’ve received a lot of questions, and one question comes up a lot:

“Is it Rocket League with robots?”

That’s quite the compliment, as we do love Rocket League. But we’re taking a different angle here. Our precision-based combat engine being one of the most notable things that define us, and we’re very proud of it.

If you ask us, we think we’re a little more like Speedball. Remember that?

"Coming through!"


Blocks are everything
You will take control of a robot comprised of a head and a system of electrical beams. This forms the ‘Skeletoonian’.

As your robot runs on battery and requires some protection from the elements, public embarrassment and other skeletoonians; they equip themselves with a powerful clay-like sculpted combat suit, comprised of blocks.

And everything you do in Hero Blocks will revolve around these blocks.


Block Sport
Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. But here, we can separate them into two factions:

The Rebel heads, and the Empire heads:
The Rebel heads are raw, hand built and inspired by humans
The Empire Heads are built in factories and are inspired by vehicles and military machines.


Now that we’re finished clearing that up for you, we encourage you to spread the word. We’d like as many hands as possible to participate in our Alpha!

Please follow this link to sign up: Hero Sign-up

Thanks again for signing up with us, and showing your interest in the game. Your support means a lot to us.

Best regards, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

– Team Hero Blocks

Block Sport

Following the resounding success of our Open Alpha Weekends, and all the feedback we've received, Block Sport is finally ready to enter the next stage of development. We will enter Beta from March 16th!

A big thanks to everyone who has been involved so far, and a warm welcome to all the new testers coming to take part in our new Open Beta Weekend. If you have not already, you can sign up for the Beta right here.

Remember, Block Sport is a multiplayer game, so be sure to share this news with all your gaming buddies. And be sure to remind them that the Open Beta is free!

And that's not all!

With a new phase comes new refinement, and we're very excited to announce that all future installments will be available on Steam.

We are sure everyone will appreciate the improved availability of the game. Join us on Friday March 16th. We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,

– Team Hero Blocks.