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Minotaur Hotel

Meet the minotaur and manage a magical hotel in this 18+ visual novel. · By Minoh Workshop, nanoff


A topic by Sexydude38 created 59 days ago Views: 134 Replies: 2
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Are you planning on releasing an Android version soon?


We are working on it, but no estimated release date just yet.


Hello dude, thank you for asking. I've been tinkering with an Android version the last couple days and have a functional port with our custom UI working and all.

Problem is that the buttons as they are are pretty small for a phone screen and navigating the menus is a little complicated. Yeah I could release that right now but it would feel like a rushjob. Minoanon is making some changes to the first two builds as he's writing the build 03 content so we're actually looking into making a 0.2.1 release with those new changes sometime later, along with an Android port with a more mobile-friendly UI. We're gonna make a devlog soon about it soon.