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yes please, android would be amazing :)

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No, I don't do I need it?

Ok so I downloaded it and used it and it worked thank you, and I can't wait for the mobile version.

Could someone tell me a link to the playthrough? Or even tell me the passwords, can't seem to find the passwords, thanks

Hey there it does not allow me to download on PC saying this is not an archive cant open files.

Will, there be an android version soon this game looks amazing

Is the Android version going to be released soon?

Will, there be an android version soon?

Do you have a guess when the Android version will be available?

Android going to be released soon?

Minotaur Hotel community · Created a new topic Android

Are you planning on releasing an Android version soon?

Is there going to be an Android release soon?

Hey there was just wondering if there was going to be an android version for this game?

Has it been released?

How do you download the android version? Where are they?

Hey, there is there going to be a mobile version?

Hey, there could you make an Android version of this game?

Hopefully, u can get it on Android soon! And good luck

is it almost out?

Hey, I have been having a problem we're none of the androids versions are working, also is there any gay sex scenes?

hey has the new demo come out yet? I also just wanted to say I played the demo a few months back and it was amazing! 10/10