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DEMO does not work on mac catalina 1.15.2 or thats what i think at least

A topic by jimmy1already created 67 days ago Views: 158 Replies: 6
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hello, i recently tried to play the demo however it just wont work


It's a known issue with MacOS, especially the latest versions are very picky on what programs can be run.

There are instructions in the user manual for how to fix it:

1. If you unzip the file on a Windows machine and transfer the file to your mac with a USB stick it should
2. Better solution for anybody else who has this problem. MacOS is picky about which programs can be run
(the first time) by double-clicking. To run a program that says "this can't be opened", right-click the icon and
choose "Open". You'll be given an option to open the program, and from then on it won't bug you.
3. For Mac's having trouble installing FPV Freerider try going to the Mac's System Preferences>Security and
Privacy> General Tab and check the box "Anywhere" to see if this allows your Mac to install FPV Freerider.
4. For anybody who is still having the issue of the simulator not opening you need to open up terminal and
type sudo chmode +x ( and that should do it.
It should look something like:
chmod +x "/Applications/"
~ chmod +x /Applications/
(adding sudo at the start if needed).
After that you might need to go to your Mac menu System Preferences>Security & Privacy
If it says something like "Freerider was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer" you
need to select "Open Anyway".

There is also some more info in this thread.

hey, i spent a couple hours trouble shooting and it ended up working, i just had to use another zip opener software! thanks for your reply Dev, thinking bout buyingh the full game, Looks Good!


Glad to hear that you managed to get it working!

Thanks, I'm glad you think so!

just bought recharged, so far the differences are the maps and graphics, well at least thats what i can tell. im pumped!

i cant seem to save the custom corse though. this message is shown when i try. 


Yes the main differences in Recharged is the maps and the graphics, as well as some other functions such as the level editor and the flight recording feature.

The level editor will automatically save the levels in the folder location where you have put the app itself. 

My guess is that you do not have write permissions in that folder location.

A fix would be to enable the write permissions to that folder, I'm not sure how to do that since I'm not a Mac user myself, maybe you can find some useful info in a video such as this one:

If that is not possible, maybe you can put the Freerider app in another folder where you are cerain that you have write permissions.