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Key Generation Question

A topic by cbgamedev created Feb 21, 2017 Views: 185 Replies: 2
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Hey there,

I'm using "Create Bulk Key Group" to generate a large number of keys 1,000+ for a promotion someone is running. The file that I get with the key data is a .txt file that has all the keys as one long string. Is there anyway to easily split this into the separate keys so it is more manageable?

Thanks for any help!


Admin (2 edits) (+1)

Each key should be separated by a newline. Are you using notepad by any chance? I don't think we use Windows line endings. I recommend another text editor, or importing it into a spreadsheet program. Tell me if you have any issues

Ahh that's great thanks for your help leafo! Yeah I was using windows notepad to view the keys.

In case anyone else has the same issue; to get the keys in a nice format, open up excel then File -> Open and set the little drop down to be "All files", so you can see the generated .txt file with all the keys in. Then follow the on screen prompts about formatting. Default settings on these worked for me. Then there you have it nice and easy to read on separate lines!