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"Graveyard" Search Filter

A topic by tenchfroast created Feb 14, 2017 Views: 139 Replies: 2
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I'm going to guess this has been brought up before, but I don't know if there are any plans for it. I'd love to see game status added as a search filter. That way, developers can mark their game as "no longer in development" or "currently in development" and users can search for games according to that.

I love playing games on here and giving feedback, but when I'm looking for a game that's actually going somewhere, it can be annoying when it turns out that 80% of the cool ones I found aren't even being worked on anymore. It would save a lot of search time if I could filter those games out to begin with.


We do have a classification for that, it's called release status. It's not linked on the sidebar of the browse page right now, but you can see all the filters available on the directory.

For example, games that are in development

Sadly, one problem is that when games go out of development because they're abandoned, developers will not update their status. Maybe we could have something integrated in our reporting system at some poitn?


Thanks for pointing that out! I remembered there being a category for games in development, but I thought it was a general list for anything uploaded, not something tied to the actual search filters. I missed the other statuses when I was looking.

That's the one issue I was considering, having to rely on the developers to update the status. I do see many that update their game page to mention it, but some kind of integration with the reporting system would probably be best to keep it vetted by the community.

It would also be nice if the release status were displayed directly in the search results rather than on mouseover, but in a way that isn't intrusive, like in small font next to the genre or platform icons. I don't know how feasible that would be, though, or how many people would want that. Either way, thanks!