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Feature Request: Users as Collaborators

A topic by QuadraTron Games created Feb 12, 2017 Views: 5,148 Replies: 4
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Any chance we can get a way of linking multiple users to a game?

For example: I have a studio Account QuadraTron Games. All of our games show up under that account. Attach other users to those games so that they show up on those accounts as well.

Admin (2 edits) (+2)

You can add user's as contributors by going to the "Admins" tab on the edit page. By default, the contributor will not have the game appear on their profile page. The easiest for them to add it would be to add it to a collection and put that collection on their page

Edit July 2018

You can add someone as a contributor to your project then they'll be able to add the game directly to their profile from their profile theme editor. It's no longer necessary to use a collection.


Is there a way to get it to show now? Any changes?


Yes, this has since been updated. You can go to your profile's theme editor to show any games that you are a contributor on. Looking through our blog and I think we may have forgotten to announce it. 

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Can you add contributors but not admins? I want to add people that worked with us in a game but they are not necessary admins.

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