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Caves of Qud

Chisel through a layer cake of thousand-year-old civilizations. · By Freehold Games

Tomb of the Eaters beta feedback thread

A topic by Freehold Games created Nov 26, 2019 Views: 1,531 Replies: 3
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Developer (1 edit)

We've posted beta #2 for the Tomb of the Eaters feature arc. The quest is now fully completeable. If you'd like to help us test it, right-click on Caves of Qud in Steam, download the latest 'beta' branch build.

Our focus right now is on broad scale testing: big bugs, big balance issues, and big UX challenges. Here are five questions to guide your feedback.

  • Were you able to get into the Tomb?
  • Are the Tomb mechanics understandable to you?
  • Was the dungeon too hard or easy?
  • What was confusing or broken?
  • If you got to the top of the Tomb, describe what happened. Use spoiler text!

We're thrilled if you're able to test the dungeon with a legitimate character, but we're also providing two wishes that'll fast-forward you to different places in the quest sequence.

Wish for 'tombbetastart' to fast-forward to Barathrum's study with 'Pax Klanq, I Presume?' done and ready to turn in.
Wish for 'tombbetainside' to fast-forward to just inside the Tomb with the first few steps of the 'Tomb of the Eaters' quest completed.

Both wishes jump you to level 27 with an appropriate equipment loadout. Feel free to wish for other items to supplement it.

Thank you, friends. Live and drink!

Hey, I don't know how often you guys read itch's comment section but here my answer. I hadn't the chance to go to the tomb with a legitimate character. It was close, but I made a few mistakes.

I was suprised to hear a new music and very surprised to see combat animation. I like it and now damage and combat effects are way more readable. It helps a lot, and now I can see how much damage I do whitout squinting through the logs. 

I'll update this comment as soon as I get to the tomb !


New beta is up, 200.3; also using an alpha version of Unity, so there's probably issues in store.

  • We changed how movespeed is calculated. Instead of approaching near-infinite movespeed as you near 200, your movespeed above or below 100 is treated as a percentage increase or decrease. Examples: 160 movespeed is 60% faster than 100. 50% movespeed is 100% slower than 100.
  • Removed '^' from the list of possible Mark of Death characters.
  • Barathrum's Tomb dialog is now repeatable after you get the quest.
  • The tattoo gun Barathrum gives you is now guaranteed to have ink.
  • The Tomb of the Eaters quest text makes it clearer that you should be ascending the dungeon.
  • Added a new NPC to Ezra: Mayor Haddas.
  • Grave moss now feeds on corpses in addition to blood.
  • Made machine arms and steaming vents more durable.
  • Stairs are no longer moved by conveyor belts.
  • Fixed a typo in Barathrum's dialog.
  • Fixed some missing zones around Omonporch.

I got to the Mopango and Vivira, and they were tearing each other to shreds. I was able to talk to them, but the vicious infighting wouldn't stop for anything.