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Aaaah, thank you!


Yeah, I came here to say pretty much the same thing - the inverted mouse really messes with my muscle memory in a way that takes me out of the atmosphere completely.

Aah, I heard her out and... I don't want to reset and leave her, but I want to know what else could happen and if there's a better solution... ;^;

That would be wonderful!

  • What was traveling to Earth like?
  • Where did she get that doll?
  • What's the closest thing there is to a Sensei on the moon, is it safe there, is there still hope
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Same here, completely out of ideas.
HINT doesn't help at all, the partner just brings up the fern (I've already taken the fern trimming).
Or the books (already checked all of them).
Or the stairs, the desk... (already, already, already...)

Honestly, the partner system has been so spectacularily unhelpful this whole time - anything I ask about, they'll always
respond to with outright hostility. Like...

<enters name of inventory item>
PARTNER: wanna try making sense? you worm? you utter baffoon? what???

<enters name of other object in the room>
PARTNER: i will actually murder you. you're insane. stop.

<enters words relating to the characters>
PARTNER: i have never heard of "police". perish

Thank you very much! This is a great improvement for fast readers ;o;

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Aw, this is so charming! I really like the pleasant atmosphere of the place, and the logic puzzle of trying to figure out how to make things right for everyone throughout the week - though I can't figure out for the life of me how to make both Jacklyn and Alice happy, when I can only get one OR the other to visit the store for the delivery...

EDIT: Ah, nevermind, I got it! You have to really stress someone's patience to get them to show, huh..

(Also, thank you very much for letting people start from later days after getting everything "right" on previous ones!)