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Oops, planting stuff makes all the present customers disappear? I can't tell if that one's intentional or not...

Ah, enough of my fussing, though! It's lovely to see all these new and old faces ;^; Thank you very much!

P.S: ahw, that book vinegar is reading in the credits......

The story and atmosphere are lovely! I'm surprised by how much the game itself is stressing me out - there's never enough money to keep all three pots occupied, and the customers are always gone in a flash... and because there's always empty pots, they're always flashing and giving me the "Tap on customers to get more cash!" warning message, and ugh..

Not a fan of the new map system at all - it runs really slowly, for one thing.

More importantly, by the time you can't see the map at all and you're running around in circles making sure you didn't miss any weird side passages for the key, it's just a chore more than anything.

There are invisible traps everywhere, the same three or so kinds, and even if you know where they are, it's not like you can avoid them. They don't go away when you step in them, either. There's no game in this.

I'm now well and truly stuck on the fourth floor, and I'm not sure if there's *actually* key missing, or if the game just isn't registering that I have all of them... 

Oh also, the paralysis effect isn't actually wearing off gradually like the debuff says it ought to? And Panacea doesn't work on *any* of the status effects in the maze.

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Deployable wire! I'm psyched about this, looking forward to being able to fix Certain Places up after Certain Things happen.

Nice to see that Red Rock got brushed up on, too :O
Is the tunnel still the same?


I got to the Mopango and Vivira, and they were tearing each other to shreds. I was able to talk to them, but the vicious infighting wouldn't stop for anything.

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Exciting stuff, take care!


Pretty neat!

Neat game! It started up SteamVR by itself for some reason, though

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Wait, can you not actually bank normally in this game? Whether it's with a 360 controller, WASD or a joystick, all the plane does is pitch and yaw, and then it'll vaguely rotate sideways more by accident than anything

This game could use some input calibration - it took me a couple minutes to figure out the reason the plane would always immediately pull down/left and crash.

I have my rudder pedals plugged in, and in their neutral state, the game interprets them as a joystick. So if I don't press them down halfway, the game thinks I'm trying to bank left and steer directly into the ground.

I have to unplug my pedals completely for the game to work, which isn't great

Firefox Win8.1 - weirdly, I just gave it a second shot and everything worked fine. Not sure what changed.

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AH, my mistake - I had my HOTAS setup plugged in, and the game was struggling to pick up the controller I actually meant to use because of that.

Hitting start doesn't exit the tutorial, though, and it seems like there's no gravity at all?

It doesn't react to my 360 controller at all, actually

What a lovely little game! Very nice. The great sound and visuals help a lot, the passengers and camptain are really charming, and I like how the engine failures are telegraphed so you can prepare a little!

Seems like every mouse click is registered 100000 times, just clicking refuel freezes everything with a hellish sound

Can't start it ("RuntimeError: index out of bounds")


Ah, thank you very much!

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The audio keeps breaking! A full reset fixes it (F4, not F2), but the next game over (with the wolf) broke it again. The last version didn't have this issue.

Only three sounds seem to still work after that point, the SFX from either game over scene and the secret wall taking damage. The music is completely gone.

What a nice little dodging game! Short but sweet.


Holy heck! Thank u

Aaaah, thank you!


Yeah, I came here to say pretty much the same thing - the inverted mouse really messes with my muscle memory in a way that takes me out of the atmosphere completely.

Aah, I heard her out and... I don't want to reset and leave her, but I want to know what else could happen and if there's a better solution... ;^;

That would be wonderful!

  • What was traveling to Earth like?
  • Where did she get that doll?
  • What's the closest thing there is to a Sensei on the moon, is it safe there, is there still hope
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Same here, completely out of ideas.
HINT doesn't help at all, the partner just brings up the fern (I've already taken the fern trimming).
Or the books (already checked all of them).
Or the stairs, the desk... (already, already, already...)

Honestly, the partner system has been so spectacularily unhelpful this whole time - anything I ask about, they'll always
respond to with outright hostility. Like...

<enters name of inventory item>
PARTNER: wanna try making sense? you worm? you utter baffoon? what???

<enters name of other object in the room>
PARTNER: i will actually murder you. you're insane. stop.

<enters words relating to the characters>
PARTNER: i have never heard of "police". perish

Thank you very much! This is a great improvement for fast readers ;o;

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Aw, this is so charming! I really like the pleasant atmosphere of the place, and the logic puzzle of trying to figure out how to make things right for everyone throughout the week - though I can't figure out for the life of me how to make both Jacklyn and Alice happy, when I can only get one OR the other to visit the store for the delivery...

EDIT: Ah, nevermind, I got it! You have to really stress someone's patience to get them to show, huh..

(Also, thank you very much for letting people start from later days after getting everything "right" on previous ones!)