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This is really tough, I wish I could *always* see where the pieces will end up... I like the art and music, at least! The characters (I've been able to reach) are all really charming..!


This is so cute and full of love aaa.... all those little interactions... Bell...

Alright whatever

I beat the group but can't figure out how to damage the yellow boss...

I think you can just use the itch.io app to update automatically, if that's what you're hoping for

Neat game. When the spam popup enemies started becoming common, I didn't want to play anymore.

A lot about this is going to stick with me. Thank you very much.

You need to turn the TV back to the lion channel

Click the remote!

Thank you!

"It contains FMG, BE, GTS content."

Sorry, what are those short for..?

Does a body count as "your own" for entering [redacted] if your mind is stranded in it?

Oh HECK yes, I'm really glad to see those changes to companion distance. Always nice to see another mutation become feasible for companions (and clones). Thank you!

Ah, what a nice game ;_;

I was really happy about how compassionately both Cassia and Senna are treated... having read Starry Flowers, it's nice to know Cassia finds happiness..! I hope Senna does, too - she struck me as the "gifted kid burnout" type, so I got really worried by the last day! (And the epilogue!)

The puzzles are really fun, too! To think that this is all renpy... that's amazing... The patterns are cute, and the difficulty curve is really gentle. I was really happy to see more of them in the gallery afterwards!

I skipped the tutorial, so I can't speak to that, but even without the verbal explanation ahead of time, it's easy to find a nice starting point in the early ones, and it felt like some of the intermediate concepts are just kind of naturally taught through the puzzles themselves..? And then it really ramps up for the bonus ones! Oh, and I liked the short thoughts in the music gallery, too... so much charm in such a short VN!

Ah, how nice ;^;

I don't even want it to show in German! And even after I set the language to English, all the tabs are in French?

Ah jeez

Hey, is this interface really supposed to be in three languages at once (English, German, French) on a fresh install

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Can't start the program (Win 8.1, 64-bit system using the 1.10.0 32-bit installer for Windows 7+)

"This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."

As of this version, is there no 64-bit release for Windows 7 and 8 anymore?

It's the roughest ending, and you get it if Chloe has so little confidence in you that you skip right past the first choice of recommendations, then make the joke about rubbing one out. 

So it's pretty hard to get by accident! Qmin is too good at her job. That specific option is perfectly fine if Chloe is already comfortable around you, but it's the straw that breaks the camel's back if she isn't!

I really have no clue where they got that idea, as far as I can tell this game is only related to the others in that it shares the setting.

The very top one is the roughest ending - you get it if she has so little confidence in you that you skip right past the first choice of recommendations, and then make an overfamiliar joke. 

It's pretty specific! Qmin is too good at her job to mess up like this unless you reeeaaally lean into it, bless her.

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Aaahh, I remember reading and enjoying this in 2019... I really wanted to show it to some friends and acquaintances that like robots, but I can't access the game's page anymore (it's "restricted" now?) and I don't have it downloaded ;_;

I'm replaying these... the ending of Trick's chapter made me cry...! Again...!! Aaaaa....

The BA brainrot is real and never leaves.... I'm glad I'm not alone..! Orb!!!

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I think part of what bothers me is how noncommittal it is for such a strong option - unlike Lightning Slice, it's barely punisheable even on parry in most situations. It's such a universally strong move, and any space it doesn't cover, Tome Slap now covers with only 4f startup. Pommel used to at least be a faster jab, but no more - since the update that reduced its startup, they clash.

The zoning character is incredibly good at every range now.

Jumping it is even worse than blocking it, though? At least when blocking it, some attacks (new Horizontal Slash) can actually punish it. Ninja's just kind of out of luck on block, there's not much they can really do before the recovery ends. Same when you evade it. In most situations, for most responses, the move is completely safe.

I'm not sure what you mean by it being predictable because of range - Wizard has a lot of other options at any given range, and the range of the attack itself can be adjusted in a pretty huge window to preempt a lot of possible responses.

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Out of curiousity - I'm not in the Discord (since I don't want to give Discord my phone number), how many people entered with each character?

I'm not sure how good of a metric for balance the top 8 distribution really is, since it samples from a small number of players (willing to join the discord + willing to enter a tournament). And even in that small group, it takes neither character popularity nor player skill into account.

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I still can't believe Mana Strike is as fast as it is.

It beats out stuff like Lightning Slice easily, including on Whiff Cancel, with a much more versatile range. And you can position it to knock your opponent towards you for a combo. Even with the startup increase in 0.3.0, it was still just about the fastest move in the game besides a jab or two, and then the startup was decreased again in 0.3.3 - along with the startup for Tome Slap, y'know, just in case someone got in past Mana Strike range.

As a neutral or whiff cancel option, it's incredibly strong - is there some counterplay I'm forgetting about?

Between fighting games, shooters and the like, those terms are switched back and forth so much it's honestly impossible to keep track of anymore

Is what normal?

Yeah, replays have some weird state situation going on - they remember whether you had the LAST replay paused or not, too, which is pretty cumbersome (ideally they'd all start paused)

If you're flying/falling/moving in any direction, Store Momentum stops your movement and remembers it for later. Release Momentum gives that movement back.

So you can use Store Momentum to brake, and Release Momentum for a sudden burst of speed.

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Hitbox colors: 

  • Yellow is the area vulnerable to damaging attacks
  • Blue is what I assume to be the area vulnerable to grabs, if YH handles it like other fighting games do - the size difference between blue and yellow is so small that it's difficult to actually verify this in singleplayer.
  • Red is the area where attacks deal damage

If the red collides with yellow (or blue, for grabs), then the attack lands.