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New beta is up, 200.3; also using an alpha version of Unity, so there's probably issues in store.

  • We changed how movespeed is calculated. Instead of approaching near-infinite movespeed as you near 200, your movespeed above or below 100 is treated as a percentage increase or decrease. Examples: 160 movespeed is 60% faster than 100. 50% movespeed is 100% slower than 100.
  • Removed '^' from the list of possible Mark of Death characters.
  • Barathrum's Tomb dialog is now repeatable after you get the quest.
  • The tattoo gun Barathrum gives you is now guaranteed to have ink.
  • The Tomb of the Eaters quest text makes it clearer that you should be ascending the dungeon.
  • Added a new NPC to Ezra: Mayor Haddas.
  • Grave moss now feeds on corpses in addition to blood.
  • Made machine arms and steaming vents more durable.
  • Stairs are no longer moved by conveyor belts.
  • Fixed a typo in Barathrum's dialog.
  • Fixed some missing zones around Omonporch.