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Zombie Eschatology - video demo

A topic by ANDY created Feb 10, 2017 Views: 582 Replies: 18
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Zombie Eschatology 喪屍末世錄

  1. sandbox and survive
  2. low poly art
  3. shoot zombies
  4. save survivors
  5. search and destroy
  6. good and evil

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my :

thank you.

builder burst...

(1 edit)

1. add RPG Launcher.

2. add Bloom And Flares effect.

3. add dark smoke.

As far as i saw the main idea is really basic and there are tons of other similar games. In my opinion there should something new to difference this game from the others. The demo videos made me think that after playing for some time the game will became boring and the player will lose the interest to keep playing.

yes, you are right.

let me think... how to make difference from the others.

thank you for watching. :D

That's the biggest struggle. Finding an inovativ idea that will make people play your game in stand of others.

I will try it. :D

Zombie Eschatology 喪屍末世錄 - demo - 7

if your game dont have a story add it

story....  I will add it in the future.  :D

new light effect.

rotate title

I am busy in the zombie world.

Merry Christmas.