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A topic by gamerARTS created 32 days ago Views: 45 Replies: 6
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2 short horror games made in UNITY.

FIRST game :

The first pearson horror.

you wake up in the house during a storm, and you can not sleep. You decide to find something to do , but it turns out however, you are not the only person in this house ...

SECOND game 

you have nightmares about you father. your father killed your sister in your childhood. now 10 years after that... he came back ...

You sure that you want to offer those games only on the basis of a mandatory purchase?

yes , i want sell this games only in this bundle.

If you want play buy my game. :)

Strong policy there. Good that. Anyway, only Windows compatibility, so no-go for me. But hey, I do not say Linux is the platform to go, if you want publicity. I say this is my excuse to skip a lot of games. Good for me, because I do not have time or patience to try every other thing around.

my games maybe working on linux and mac but i don't play my games there. i using windows and i don't know but i think you can play in linux and mac .

You probably mean WINE or likewise technologies, available for Linux. I do not use WINE. If I need to do something in Windows badly, I have a VirtualBox with Windows10 image, but that is only for basic utility software - like some GPS stuff - not games.

now you can buy this games alone. 1 $ for one game but if you buy this bundle you pay 1.40$.