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You sure that you want to offer those games only on the basis of a mandatory purchase?

yes , i want sell this games only in this bundle.

If you want play buy my game. :)

Strong policy there. Good that. Anyway, only Windows compatibility, so no-go for me. But hey, I do not say Linux is the platform to go, if you want publicity. I say this is my excuse to skip a lot of games. Good for me, because I do not have time or patience to try every other thing around.

my games maybe working on linux and mac but i don't play my games there. i using windows and i don't know but i think you can play in linux and mac .

You probably mean WINE or likewise technologies, available for Linux. I do not use WINE. If I need to do something in Windows badly, I have a VirtualBox with Windows10 image, but that is only for basic utility software - like some GPS stuff - not games.

now you can buy this games alone. 1 $ for one game but if you buy this bundle you pay 1.40$.