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it does not work on ubuntu 16.04 please fix

A topic by simbageoleo created Feb 03, 2017 Views: 248 Replies: 1
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i have tried looking everywhere for a fix and there is nothing i have gone into properties and clicked on the "run as executable" check box then when i open the program it loads the configuration screen with the screen resolution speed settings. after i click "ok" it just closes out i have even tried running in windowed mode still the same issue if there is a way to run this please tell me as i know nothing about ubuntu i have run windows all my life as was getting sick of microsoft pushing everything so switched and i must say from the looks of his game i looks amazing but i wish more there were more linux devs to sort us minorities out

thank you for reading


Hello, is this about the app or a game on

If you're having trouble starting an executable on linux then I recommend running it from the command line so you can see any output errors.