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Galactic Wars. A little 8bit space shooter made in Pico8

A topic by VolcanoBytes created Feb 02, 2017 Views: 319 Replies: 5
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Hi all!

I am very pleased to announce you:

Galactic Wars is available to play.

The game was developed during last January, with the wonderful "Pico8" fantasy console for the #1GAM Jam

10 minutes of frenetic action in the purest old school arcade style.

A little tribute to my favourite games of the genre like Gradius, Galaga or R-Type.

If you like the game, and want to help me to develop more games, you can get an original 8bit era instruction booklet and a poster ready to print for just 2$!

Could you destroy the evil Galactus X???

I hope you enjoy the game and let me know your impressions.

You can follow my progress regarding this and other projects on twitter:

Have a nice play!

Galactic Wars is available today in the Pico8 BBS!

Now you can play it in your Pico8 console or in your PocketCHIP.



Nice work! I definitely plan to put some time into playing this game.

Thank you! I hope you get that time and tell me what you think about it ;)

The game is now available to play from your Pico8 console or your Pocketchip in the BBS!

Have a nice play!

Ey friends, happy Sunday!

I've recently upload a new longplay video of Galactic Wars :)

The score isn't too high, but the evil Galactus X, was defeated ;) and you can see all the different enemies in action.

I hope you enjoy it, thanks!