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I can't promisse... but I'll try it in near future... I'd like a Linux version too ;)

CONGRATS Mates!!! & Thanks 4 the DSK ;)

I am very happy that you enjoy the game! Thanks for your comment :)
Playing in windowed mode will be enabled in the first update. Stay tuned!

Any Xinput compatible controller should work, You can use some apps too to remap your usb pad in case it's not any official mode (Xinput, DInput) Or use keys: WASD GH (Player 1)  / ←→↑↓ "0""3"(Player2)

Hope it helps!

Mil gracias Carlos!! :) 

:) You are welcome! thanks for spporting the game.

Hello again :)

I've just update the stand alone versions. Please could you try it and tell me if everything works ok now in your computer?


Hi ianNorris! I've just updated the stand alone version of the game. Should work in new osX too. Please take a look and tell me if everything works fine :)


Hi Iannorris, thanks for the info.

I'll take a look at it when possible. If you bought the game as an OsX user and want a refund while I fix it, please let me know. Best regards.

Thanks for your comment!

The graphics started out being for megadrive in fact. :)

It would be great to be able to version it on a retro console, although it will most likely be done for an arcade cabinet ;)



Galactic Wars Extended was fully funded last year on Kickstarter. v.0 is out now!


1 or 2 Players Co-op Pixel perfect gameplay.  Smooth 60FPS Shmup action

Pure Pixel art action for Modern Pcs: Full HD & 4k displays (16:9 optimized)

Original Chip-tune arcade ingame music & Sound FX (Yamaha YM2612)

late 80s / early 90s Arcade look & feel / Scanlines & CRT configurable FX

3 different ships to fight against evil with different capabilities.

More than 40 new waves to fight the invaders along 3 areas

New Bosses, mini Bosses and more than 15 different new enemies

More weapons & power ups, Improved energy and ship's upgrade system

Bonus, Score Multipliers, Stats screen, perfect for competitive Co-op!

Persistent Hi Score table

XInput controllers & Keyboard control compatible



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thanks for your support!! :) I'm glad you like it and you witnessed the game's birth ;)

Those are the 4 fundamental pillars of this game. The 4 shmups that marked my childhood. THANKS for playing ;)

Thank you so much for your kind words!

I'm happy to know you are enjoying the game.

There's a lot of love into this game and the best reward for me is that players enjoy it. :)))


Hi Amok.

The latest packs for the kickstarter campaign backers came out this morning. Some of the premium backers are already showing their copy of the game since last week through social media, so we are going to wait this week for everyone to receive the package and then we will release the game officially and open the download link for the rest of the buyers.

Thanks for your pattiente and for believing in the project, I'm looking forward for all of you to play it as soon as possible!


I'm glad you enjoyed the game!
Take a look at the new extended version, its release will be very soon! ;)

Thank you for your kind comment.

Galactic Wars Extended has been developed with Game maker Studio, it has its own proprietary programming language called the GameMaker Language (abbreviated to GML).


Thanks for your understanding mate :)

It was my mistake not to notify you of the delay here, I honestly did not remember that the original date was kept in the devlog. Again I apologize for the misunderstanding, I will inform you of everything as I have news. THANKS!

I'm really sorry Amok, I had to push back the date. It was announced on the kickstarter but not here, it's my mistake. I'm sorry,  these are being very crazy weeks :(

I just made a new Dev Log, to tell you all details. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please, if you consider that you do not want to wait, write me a message and I will refund your pre-order.

Thanks for your support and understanding.


The main idea for the tittle was trying to do something generic that had relation with all those classic arcade games.
If you notice, the logo is a clear tribute to Galaga and Galaxian :) and there are much more classic influences if you know the games.

You'll find a .P8 with the standalone versions and more extras in downloads. Anyway.. You should find the game on the BBS or through pico8's splore menu. You can put the game with your stuff without problems. Have fun!! ;)

I really appreciate your words! And that you support indie developers, it is thanks to people like you that we develop games ... without players none of this would exist ;) So really thanks for playing it and for appreciating it!

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Thank you for your comment and for your pre order! :)

I must say it was my first kickstarter and I think I made the mistake of showing the idea too early (among others) . I think that now that we are approaching the end, what was in my head is finally beginning to be seen as it should ;P

Galaga/Galaxian/Defender are big influences for this game! In fact, everything started thinking how Galaga would work in horizontal... and adding some power ups as in R-type/Gradius ;)

I think we will have a worthy successor to the original Galactic Wars, l'm looking forward to release the game and have your impressions!


Thanks for your kind words and for your pre-order!
I sent an email recently to all buyers to inform you about some news.
I'm looking forward to release the game too. I'll make a new update very soon!  ;)

Please let me know :)

Awesome! THANKS!

Have you managed to defeat the final boss? ;)

That's great maybeGreen :)

Thanks for your support!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
Unfortunately the Linux version was presented during the campaign as a stretch goal but it was not reached.
At the moment there will only be a PC version, but I do not rule out that it can be ported in the future ;)

What do you need to figure out? You have an executable for each OS. Just double click and play! :)

Thanks for your kind comment! We are working hard to develop a great game, please stay tuned, the devlog will be updated often from next week ;)

Thanks for the initiative!
Please add these if possible:

I put a lot of effort into getting the particles and explosions to have their effect xD I'm glad you like the details and find the difficulty well measured, you know that this according to the perception of each player varies, but I tried keep a good balance... not too easy or a game just for hardcore gamers. 

Thanks for your good wishes with Galactic Wars EX! I really want to get on with the project and see how far we can take all this. Thanks to your good words I assure you that I will work even more motivated ;)

Thanks for your kind words! When you put so much love and work into something like this it is purely for someone to appreciate and enjoy it. You feel like you've accomplished something when you get comments like this, so really: Thanks for playing and for your good words on color treatment and "differentiation" with other AGD titles. I wish you enjoy the game much more and please, if you reach the end do not forget to tell me! :)

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Please mate, check other programs in your computer... The game has been downloaded more than 10k times last week and nobody has an issue... I can guarantee you there's no virus in the files. 

Thanks for playing! I'm very happy you liked it :)

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Thanks! :) The game has a big influence from Gradius and Galaga.
Both are games that inspired me to develop this one.

You really don't undertand my messages at all... I'm not mad about anybody to stalk the free games, I do it too! But what I don't do is rebuke whoever gives away their games, or score them with a star to harm them... That is being crazy, friend.

I'm not demanding anybody to donate, I'm giving my games for free! You really can't see this?

Seems that you are the same user that after blocked your account, has created a new account to keep trolling devs... what a shame... This will be my last answer for you. You better keep playing those free games and don't bother people anymore, PLEASE.

Hey! Thanks for your kind words! And thanks for playing :)