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Followers getting e-mail notifications on restricted project devlog

A topic by Diego created 11 days ago Views: 21 Replies: 1
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I saw that this is in issue tracker, posted by a user on the other end of it, but I want to make sure people are fully aware that followers are getting e-mail notifications on restricted projects. tl;dr: My followers are getting e-mail notifications when I update the devlog on my restricted project page.

As an animation and game development instructor, I use itch as a place for students to turn in work. So I tend to have a few restricted projects going, and I usually use a dev log as a place to post assignments, for people to turn in work in the comments. The issue i'm having is that followers of mine are getting updates every time I post a new devlog, and then being led to my password protected class page. If this were a private collab that I were keeping a devlog on, this would be a huge issue for me. As is, it's just very annoying to followers.

Just to follow up on this, I'll also add that the e-mail displays the content of the devlog. So although the page is password protected, the e-mail includes images and text from the body of the devlog.