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I think you uploaded the wrong thing here

this ain't a comic


Hmm. This isn't working for me! Can you try re-upping?

wow, nice animation on that star


Excellent. I also prefer sunshine.

So timely.

Poor Jim.

Sorry it didn't get to where you wanted it to be. Let me know if you want help fixing anything.  You can always ask for help!

Am I that cruel


I was able to slow down time and get the opposite box to launch, and I was able to switch the two circle size to have the one fall into the pit. But without more to do, more self driven goals to form or a multi-step puzzle to work through, it's hard to envision how this would work as a game mechanic. And since I don't have something to work toward, I can't really think of the materials as resources -- they're really just simple binary states. It's possible there's more that I'm missing, but it feels like this just needed more time.

I can't collect the beans! I think between this prototype and Jackson's, I'm feeling like there's not much to this color camo idea when the colors are just resources you start with and they drain. In that way, I think they're a little too similar.  They don't really change the way I think about resources, they just make me think "okay, so my resources are colors." It might be good to consider how a color gets used. Like, in the real world, how do I "use up" a color. In a paint sense, I can run out. Or digitally, each color comes with some specific Hue or amount of Brightness and Saturation, which maybe could be spent or combined. They interact with light in interesting ways. In the case of paint again, it takes up space and is spread over things. So you can collect it and apply it. Maybe something like this one would also be interesting if, in order to turn yourself red you have to take red off of the board somewhere, so by taking that camouflage you're also restricting where you'll be able to use it. Make sure you're really thinking through these questions! Your creative challenge is to make me challenge my understanding of a resource. I think to succeed at that you're going to have to really challenge your own understanding as well.

I like the main idea at work here. the idea of sneaking around, managing your color and trying to be stealthy is neat. But I think multiplayer is all about communication. It's not clear who's winning or what winning is -- is my goal to kill, or to get collectibles? How much green do I have left when I use it? It's really hard to judge what's going on without that stuff (an ugly text box is totally fine for this level prototype). I kind of want semi-obscured transitional areas where I can change my color (like there is a wall in the foreground that I can go in front of, so I'm not guaranteed to be half the wrong color when I go from one room to the next). It might partly be the UI, but I'm not really feeling the resource aspect of this. It does seem like I run out of each one, but they still kind of just feel like regular old resources in that regard.

I like the twist in the puzzle — that I have to not only make them lighter to lift them, but heavy again to to open the door. But ultimately I just feel like there’s not enough here to get a good sense of whether this is interesting or not. Moment to moment, it feels tedious — the material transitions take too long to react and transition, and the various materials are hard to tell apart. I also keep accidentally giving the blank material to everything, which feels like something that I shouldn’t be able to do. I know you had some extenuating circumstances, but it feels like too much time was spent on visuals and not enough on the mechanics. Remember that the end goal of these prototypes are interactive ideas.

I like the little bit of world and story here. It’s fun to change my material and experiment with what the differences are. For the most part, I wish they felt more different. The electricity was super cool once I figured it out — but I almost wish you couldn’t move as electricity except for in that jerky, sudden way, maybe only with mouse clicks. I couldn’t figure out a use for the wood other than to hide, which was okay, but felt a little boring. I think it’s hard to have compelling stealth without an objective — and since there’s not a real reason to go through the woods, that felt lacking. I really like how far you were able to get with pretty simple hacky techniques. The janky wind is great. But I think my main question here is whether or not the prototype really relates to your challenge. Because there doesn’t seem to be a limit or cost to using them, the materials themselves don’t feel like resources, but more like abilities or skins. I could imagine a version of this where you need to create charge by creating static as the cloth and use that to power your electric movement. Or by possessing a piece of wood, you ultimately destroy it — and so the bodies of things you possess are resources on their own. There are only so many shirts on the clothesline, so you only have so many chances to be blown in the wind — or at least you’d need to find more or figure out a way to keep track of your old bodies. I’m rambling. The main takeaway is don’t forget your primary target: to challenge the understanding of resource.

This is pretty interesting. It has some communication issues -- it's a bummer to completely fall off of the level when the power goes out on the platforms without any warning, and I can't tell if I'm supposed to be able to do something with the steel. but overall it's some cool little interactions. It does on some level feel like a tech demo, since we're really only seeing those interactions in seclusion and not getting a chance to really experiment with the combination of them, but i do think we start to get an idea of how a game like this might work. It's good work for sure... but it totally misses for me on the creative challenge. I don't think about resources for a second here -- I'm not thinking 'hmmm there are only two fires left so i'd better be careful putting them in the pool' or anything like that, it's really just a puzzle. So I'd think about, if you were to continue with this, how you could bring it back to that resource question.

Sorry! I work on a mac and haven't been able to test a PC build. It's mac only for now.

Thanks! I loved a very blusterous stroll.

Sisa your link is broken!

yeah, I finally got it and was able to score around 50 — I still always tend to lose on share even when I feel like I shouldn’t. I think my problem with sync was that it starts so slow that it doesn’t seem like the right thing for the scene/act. 

For the other thing I just meant that I like how you have both tease and strip as variations on the same image / animation. It almost doesn’t matter because you see the instruction before the scene, but I think it’d be cool to play with that more.

This is awesome! Having a really hard time figuring out sync though, and it's not always clear why I lose on share. I like tease -- would love to see more that play with the requirements in a given scene.