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Rockabilly Beatdown Update 1.5 is here!

A topic by Rumblecade created Nov 03, 2019 Views: 203 Replies: 1
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Rockabilly Beatdown 1.5 (Desktop)

Hey there, hep cats! Rumblecade has just posted a major update for the desktop version of our mobile game, Rockabilly Beatdown. This is a casual beat-em-up, an "endless puncher," as we like to call it... survive as long as you can and punch and kick to your heart's content.  Check out the game page for more info and get punching!

NOTE 1: The update features are described in this devblog post.

NOTE 2: The desktop version includes ALL content from mobile and has NO in-app purchases.

This hit's the classic beat-em-up in the nose! Reminds me of the  taito and genesis beat-em-up's.

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