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Generic platformer pack - Free assets for personal and commercial use. · By Estúdio Vaca Roxa

Update & New Version Sticky

A topic by Estúdio Vaca Roxa created Jan 31, 2017 Views: 2,047 Replies: 3
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Developer (3 edits)

I wanna know what you would like in future updates and/or in a brand new version of the collection!

Please tell me even those craziest ideia. I promisse to you that I'll try to make it rain.

For now I want to do some these things here in following list:

  1. Edit and create assets more acessible (pgn and eps files)
  2. Juice the Itch assets' page
  3. Better preview files
  4. Player animation sliding wall (didigameboy)
  5. PICO-8 version (Matt Hughson)



will work on it so no rush, but I think a player anim sliding wall would be great.


2. done

I know this is a bit late probably, but can you make the ground tiling? I tried to crop a bit out from the atlas but it doesn't tile (the right side doesn't join up with the left when placed next to each other)