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It should work well, but you may have to do a little bit of research.

I would start by finding out how to automatically start applications. Here is a relatively simple way that works on Lubuntu, however it may not work on Raspbian if that's what you're using. I would then add a command to the autostart applications that starts wine, such as `wine /path/to/execuable/faith.exe` (of course replace that with wherever you keep the executable, for me it's `/home/kyle/Games/FAITH_DELUXE_v1-4_itch/FAITH_dx_v1-4.exe`)

Also, try looking into something called RetroArch, it is made for this exact sort of thing and may work even better for you!

For all of you wanting to play it on macOS or Linux,

Try using Wine, it works really well with that

For my fellow Linux users, try it with Lutris, it works well.


(also it's a great game, good job, can't wait to finish, I've only barely started)

You can use it on wine, at least it's working with Wine for me on Linux

Hey, I know my comment is super late but it works well with Wine, I'm running it on Linux just fine, might ask the dev to include that in the description.

it works really well with Wine, I'm running it just fine on Linux

I know this is a bit late probably, but can you make the ground tiling? I tried to crop a bit out from the atlas but it doesn't tile (the right side doesn't join up with the left when placed next to each other)