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Game already publish but not appear on the list and searchbox

A topic by Khayalan arts created 15 days ago Views: 91 Replies: 9
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I recently came across an issue whereby the game I uploaded 'SAMUDRA (demo)' does not appear on the Search bar within, not  appear on the list(even on most recent) and if we search our page (khayalan arts) on search box,it says still 0 project , even though it worked when first uploaded.
Please advise what could be done about this? 

Our game link :

Thanks so much for the time!


Can't spot any obvious problem. Please review the game indexing checklist. I can see it on your profile just fine though.

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can't search our title game "samudra" 

0 project (must click to see the project) 

We already follow the guide to getting indexed on searchbox and still not success

thank you ^^


> can't search our title game "samudra"

Yes. I said I can see it on your profile.

its already 2 days..  And my game still not indexed .. Any help? 


If your game is in the review queue, the weekend may have delayed it. Please allow for another 12h, if the problem persists I can let an admin know.

ok Thank you

its already 1 day..., any news?


I see it's still not indexed. Might want to contact support about that and ask why. There might be a problem with your game.

My game is still not indexed. Can let the admin know and fix it. Thank u