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Heya thanks so much for swimming through the demo! (especially the puzzles XD)

Support from players like yourself is like an O2 to this project! So thank you for the time, thank you for the puns! And we hope to see you again on the final launch of the game (launch date coming soon) :D Laters!

Yeah! :D

Thank you for appreciating and noticing the fine details of our work always JM :D 

We have recently listed out and just about to begin implementation of the achievements for each chapter, so feel free to share your suggestions! We are thinking of doing more poll/ suggestion types posts subsequently in the near future too!

Cheers bud! :D Hopefully it gives a little glimpse of our traditional culture too!

do, do!

Thank youuuu! Have an amazing day ahead to you :D

That's great to hear! Stay tuned for the full experience coming out in a not too distant future :D Have a great week ahead!

Heya, thank you for testing out the Demo :D We hope you like it! 

Thank you for this great feedback & for acknowledging the subtle details within the scene :D We did redesign the icon-bubble too and this actually ties into the overall interaction mechanic that we had improved on for the rest of the game as well. 

In fact, we are actually going to fit in another animation here at the very end during the title appearance; you hit the nail right on the head when you mentioned that the kid should be shocked by what just happened, and we'll emphasize that better ;D

Have an awesome weekend ahead!

Sooon! Fingers crossed

Super glad you like it! We were unsure on updating this for a long time - mostly due to time constraint, but seeing it unresolved just didn't sit well with us, so happy now that we're finally able to get back to improving this scene!


We appreciate the support :D Have an awesome weekend ahead!

Thank you so much! We really appreciate it :D

Thank you :D And even greater to see that there's a platform like the Unity program that supports creators this way!

Yes, it's the simplest things in large numbers that sneakily causes harm. Let's keep being more mindful towards our disposing methods :) 

Have an awesome weekend JM!

Thanks for the support! Have a safe & lovely weekend :)

Thank you! We appreciate your support & kind words :D

Yeah! This goes for us too! The world of SAMUDRA is a sea of playgrounds for us to explore and develop lore and backstories :D

Why thank you too!!!

That's the challenge! XD We try our best to keep track of all our unused assets & drafts, but there's literally a ton - probably only about 30-40% goes into the final game after the process of iterations and revisions :) But we'll keep the best ones for the artbook for sure!


Abzu is an amazing game! Its ABZUlutely on our list of references when designing Samudra too! XD

Thank you for the kind words :D Have an amazing New Year week ahead!

Hello! Yes will definitely consider porting this to mac at some point :) Thank you for the interest & support! Happy safe New Year!

Have a safe and lovely New Year celebration JM :D

Heya! Thank you so much for playing and recording your playthrough :D 

Have an amazing weekend ahead & happy holidays!

Thank you :D

Hello! Yes its a very art heavy project hence the massive size for just a demo - we are still optimizing this for the final launch to make sure its not to bulky and the estimated full experience is about 3GB in size. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you for playing through parts of the demo & for the kind words :D We hope that you'll carry on with the full game when its released next year! 

Thank you for giving the demo a go! Glad that you enjoyed the atmosphere of the game, and we hope that it doesn't worsen your fear of the deep too much XD

Heya! Yes its largely inspired by Little NIghtmare, Limbo, and similar atmospheric side-scrollers :D

Thank you for giving this demo a go! :D Have an awesome week ahead!

Hello, it seems that this might be an unfortunate  issue on your end during the download process, perhaps you could try to download it from STEAM instead? we hope this helps : D Thanks for the interest!

Thank you so much for the cool playthrough of our demo :D We appreciate your kind words & the support on the subject - let's continue taking care of our environment!

Terima kasih banyak sudah mencoba demo SAMUDRA!Kamu juga sempat menemukan collectible yang tersulit di akhir demo :D Stay tuned untuk final experiencenya di tahun depan ya~

Silahkan di coba ya demonya :D

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to try our demo! We do hope to spread more awareness regarding ocean pollution and this issue in general to gaming audience, so thanks for the support! We wish you lots of success! Have an awesome day ahead :D

Hello, thank you for the enthusiasm! 

We are  crunching as we speak to get the rest of the game done and planned for release in early 2021 - so stay tuned & thanks for the  kind support :D

Why you sir - have a really great name! :D 

Thank you for the support and have an awesome week ahead!