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Advanced Scripts

A topic by alexsilent created Oct 30, 2019 Views: 649 Replies: 17
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I trying to make some advanced scripts in my little game and got some problems.

1) Is there a way to write ELSE dialogue? 

{if {eq {item-count fly} 0}}
 You can't fly! Poor thing!
 I give You wings!
 {inc-item-count fly 1}
 {transform-avatar fly}
{else} // else isn't working
 You got wings! Just fly away!


2) Or maybe is there a way to use a "Stop" script function?

{if {eq {item-count fly} 0}}
 You can't fly! Poor thing!
 I give You wings!
 {inc-item-count fly 1}
 {transform-avatar fly}
 {stop} // stop function to prevent showing last words in first time
You got wings! Just fly away!

3) Or maybe there's other way to prevent showing last words for first time of dialogue?!

PS I'm sorry for my Bad English!


At the moment there’s no “else” but you could write a second {if} that’s like {if {gt {item-count fly} 0}} ... {/if}

Just put it before the no-fly script you already have so when you increment the count it doesn’t trigger both conditions.

I’ll see about adding “else” at some point!

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I would ask some more about MOSI:
1) Is there a way to set variables on start game before first steps?
2) Can I make minor NSFW games with nude content on Mosi? Or maybe isn't so good idea?!
3) Is there a way to add new rooms without deleting old locations? I just forgot to add some more rooms.
4) How to get Ending or Game Over? Is there a way to reset game after Game Over?

Maybe bugs:
1) I just try to add some scripts to "On Enter" level function:

Test 1!
{transform-avatar mer} 
Test 2!

All text  working good! But  line  "{transform-avatar mer}" isn't working at all!
But it's working with object scripts.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

1) You could set them in world “on start” script

2) Sure? Make whatever kinda game you want! I mean, don’t make something fascist or racist or transphobic or whatever, but that’s more a general thing and not specific to Mosi

3) You can export your rooms, resize the world, then import the rooms again - tho I should probably make resizing less destructive at some point

4) Not explicitly, but you could get creative. The point is to create worlds to explore, so I didn’t put in explicit ending or game-over mechanics.

bug) I’ll take a look at this when I have the chance - hopefully this weekend

Thanks! :)


I had some time tonight to fix the bug AND added an {else} statement! More info on {else} in the wiki:

Wow!  I'll should to test it!

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{else} - working good! I like it!

I really like Mosi!

But sometimes my game character is trying to move randomly in any random side few steps. It's strange.
Maybe  it's because I try to use 16x16 pixels sprites and maybe it very laggy for Mosi engine (I don't know!).


Wow, it's looking great! If you want to share the world data I can try to trouble-shoot the weird movement and the lag.

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Thanks! ^_^
I can share, there's my last version of an experimental game (sorry, it's some with NSFW elements):

It's strange, but looks like {else} with many levels isn't work good or maybe I just got confused because very hard code in Ghost Enemy.
It's not so easy to read it without Tab and with many many "{" "}" symbols:
I know Mosi is not created for big code, I just trying to test it, is there any possibility to create mini RPG game.

{set-var foelvl 1}
{if {gt {var hp} 0}}
You have battle with enemy!{p}
{dec-var hp {var foelvl}}
{if {gte {var hp} 0}}
{inc-var exp {var foelvl}}
Your Health: {var hp}/{var lvl}{b}
{if {gte {var exp} {mul {var lvl} 2}}}
Exp: {var exp}/{mul {var lvl} 2}
{inc-var lvl 1}
{set-var exp 0}
{p}YAY! Level Up!
New Level: {var lvl}!
{set-var hp 0}
{set-var wear 0}
{transform-avatar nude}
{p}Your HP is 0, and your clothes torn apart!
{set-var air {var lvl}}
{transform-avatar soul}
{move-avatar deep 3 7}
{p}You're dead!

It looks like this is saying:

  • if I start the battle with more than 0 hp, battle the ghost and decrease my hp
    • at that point if I have 0 or more hp, I win the battle and gain xp
      • if I have enough xp, I gain a level
    • I have less than 0 hp after the battle, I lose my clothes but my hp is reset to 0 (so I don't die)
  • if I start the battle with 0 or less hp, I'm dead

Is that correct? It seems to work that way in the game when I tested it. I also did a simpler test of nested if/else statements, and that worked for me.

Looks like is correct. It's strange.

There's text version:

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! I'm not seeing the random movement or slow-downs you mentioned, but I've only tried it in Firefox so far. What browser/os are you using?

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I just use Google Chrome. Maybe I should to try Mozilla Firefox.

Maybe it's because my notebook is not so fast.


These graphics are awesome!

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Thank You so much! :)
I like Mosi! It's awesome!

I'm trying to make a store but I don't know how I would add a custom script that would a) make a list. and b) let you pick something off the list. I was thinking something like using q to go up the list or a to go down and [space] to select something from the list kinda like with pokemon red. I was also thinking I could do something like when I trigger the store it would give me a list of what I could buy and the price and under the list would be a textbox where if I type something on the list it would give me the item if I have enough money. I'm working on something like the 2nd option in HTML but I don't know/understand javascript. Can someone please help me out?