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Making a key code w/individual priced files included?

A topic by Zeshio created 19 days ago Views: 36 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone!

I have a quick question regarding key generation. In the help area for making keys for a project (so people can download), it says this:

"All download keys have an associated price. It’s used to unlock any individually priced files. This price is set when someone buys your project, or if you manually set it when generating a download key."

However, there's no directions on how to specify a key price. I ask because I have a PDF and a deluxe PDF priced differently on my project page, and I need to differentiate keys to unlock both or the basic version. Any idea how to do this? Thanks!

<> project in question


Use the download key groups feature instead of creating an individual key. There are more options for access control. Hope that helps

That worked, thanks! I didn't realize there were more nuanced details for the group key settings.