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Into the Void() - 2D, Sci-Fi, NES Inspired Metroidvania

A topic by Royal Den Studios created Jan 28, 2017 Views: 654 Replies: 2
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Hello! Welcome to my devlog for Into the Void() (Name may change). This was a project I started less than a year ago and I just wanted to get some feedback as the game continues being developed. Thank you in advance for any feedback or just for looking.

Story: The setting is deep space in which the players' ship alerts him of a nearby distress beacon that is being emitted by the Generation Ship known as The Hephaestus. The player is required to traverse the massive ship to find the source of the problem... (I won't say anything else due to possible spoilers.)


- Multi-Directional attacking with a sword-like weapon

- Various sub-weapons

- Energy system for intresting gameplay. Sub-Weapons require energy to use. Energy replenishes over time.

- Health / Energy Upgrades

- Collectibles for more in-depth story telling

- Multiple abilities and items that are required to access new parts of the ship

- Large in-game world to explore and traverse

- Side Quests that may (or may not) change the story.


The Save Room (Hanger)

Level Concept using two tilesets.

A working computer in which you can view documents to know more about the world.

Please feel free to comment and post your thoughts. Design thoughts and general thoughts are always welcome!


Looks great so far, looking forward to seeing more.

Hello again!

I created an In-Game pause menu (WIP). I need to add actual menu options but this will be the inventory screen. Some panels are subject to change.