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Deployment in different operating systems

A topic by Professor Brink created 25 days ago Views: 41 Replies: 4
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Hey guys, hope this is the correct place to ask, but I was wondering how do people have different versions of their game available on the same page? For example I have a windows and a Mac OS X version of a game I am working on but I want to have both versions available to download from the same place. Would anyone be able to tell me how to do this?


Upload both archives, pick Executable as their type, and tick the checkboxes next to the right operating system for each one. Hope this helps!

I uploaded one and then I uploaded the other...but then it replaced the other already put up.


Well, you have to give them different names. How else are players (and going to know which is which?

SOLVED! It was the same name which caused the problem.