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Problems with Construct 2 project as embedded HTML5

A topic by Bl4ckSh33p-Soft created Jan 25, 2017 Views: 462 Replies: 2
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Hi! I just uploaded my Companion for Overwatch which was made with Construct 2. It uses LocalStorage to save some values and AJAX to load a textfile from my server to display news or patreons. This usually works fine in all browsers but after uploading it to it does not seem to work when it is embedded here. Is it possible to fix this somehow?

I found two other issues:
- the link to the windows store entry is deleted everytime I preview the page and shows no button for it (like Google and Amazon): - a bug maybe?

- on mobile (iOS) the app is not visible in full screen but I enabled mobile friendly. You just see a small part of the upper left corner of the viewport.


The Windows store link issue is definitely a bug on our end. We need to update the list of accepted formats.

Regarding the broken game, I recommend you check the browser console to see the errors. It appears you're trying to load non-secure http:// content, but since our site is https:// your browser only allows loading secure content.

Ah, thanks! I did not enable https on my server yet. Scirra already suggested to do this for all hosted HTML5 games/apps. I need to check if my current hoster supports this. But I just load some plain text files with some text inside, no scripts or other things. :)

Everything else seems to work fine, just the loading of the Message of the Day and Patreons does not work because of this.

But on my iPhone I only see a small part of the screen and I cant scroll or zoom out. I cant test it on Android or other phones right now. I tried deleting the cache of Safari and other browser data but I could not run it yet. Are there still some issues with the "mobile friendly" option?