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A topic by LebbyFoxx created 27 days ago Views: 31 Replies: 2
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Hello all,

I have a few questions to ask you guys about limitations. When thinking of quick/small game ideas do you like to set limits on yourself to see how creative you can be, or to see how much fun you can get out of a really basic idea? Stuff like limited colour palettes, window sizes and how long you take to build the prototype?

Do limitations also help you to stay motivated through either challenge or simplicity? Basically does making something really small motivate you? Or does the idea of challenge with these limitations motivate you? Are limitations also a good idea?

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear what you guys think!

- Caleb (LebbyFoxx)


Limitations may spur creativity, but setting arbitrary limitations on purpose doesn't work. All those home computers in the 1980s were cool because their limitations were a matter of engineering. People actually made them as powerful as they could at the time! And sure enough, we still find ways to push them harder 35 years on.

That said, limitations also help you actually finish a game, because otherwise it's all too easy to get ambitious and try too much. Leaving stuff out is a big part of design.

Thank you for the help! I understand where you are coming from with your explanation :)