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Jobs company details for invoicing

A topic by Filippo Game Audio created 95 days ago Views: 139 Replies: 4
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Hi there,

due to the laws in my country, I need to issue an invoice for every payment I receive, including those from Just as many others in the forum, I need the company details for creating the invoice, such as official name, address, etc. and an e-mail address where I can send my invoice.

I opened a ticket (#36216) one week ago, but got no reply. Also, I think publishing those details somewhere in the website or in our Dashboard, would be helpful for everyone.

Any help is appreciated.

P.S.: I used the Search function, but any reply to the threads I have found has been sent privately.

Still haven't received a reply to my ticket (#36216), I hope some admin can see this topic.

Been waiting for 25 days for mine, and still no response, in Emails as well... very troubling  indeed...

Thanks for replying, MobileBrain. I hope someone will help us soon since I wish to initate a payout and receive my revenue as soon as possible.

Bumping. I think these guys are in need of immediate help.

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