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The fullscreen button not disappearing from embedded version

A topic by sakshamm created 31 days ago Views: 35 Replies: 2
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I had the fullscreen button enabled for my game but have since removed the option and saved it again. However, the fullscreen button still appears on the game. 

In addition to this change, I have also enabled 'Click to Play HTML5' in my profile but that change hasn't flowed through to the live version either. Does it usually take a little time for the changes to flow to the game? Its been about an hour, I'm not sure if I'm jumping the gun testing it too early.



Changes like that should be instant. Unless the CDN is playing tricks? That shouldn't happen either, though. Make sure you clicked Save. :)


Both of those options take effect immediately. I don't see a fullscreen button on your game right now. Keep in mind that if your game engine exports with a fullscreen button then there's nothing we can do about that. Thanks