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[PC] The SIGIL - a story driven fighting game. Alpha Build Available!

A topic by uinkmachine created 5 days ago Views: 34 Replies: 4
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THE SIGIL is a story-driven melee combat game set within a child's imagination. Delve into his psyche and explore a past best left forgotten. 


  • Story Mode to uncover the hidden monsters in his thoughts.
  • Versus Mode to support up to 4 players in a competitive free-for-all.
  • Adaptive AI that reacts and morphs its playstyle.

If you've enjoyed this demo, feel free to check out my other works too!


Looks great, I put you up on the fresh games section on the homepage. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Leafo!

Oooh, I think I saw a tweet from you! Looks really great, I'll give it a shot later!

Oh haha, that's awesome! Hope you enjoy it!