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Makers Nation is an experimental GJ community for making games together.

A topic by SALT & PIXEL created 5 days ago Views: 26 Replies: 2
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Makers Nation is kind of like when you hit every tab on the fountain drink machine to create the ultimate beverage.

I'm Brandon  - the creator of CRUSH, Tomb Of Varanu, Pixels Hallows Eve, Hershey, and a bunch of other games.

I created this experimental group to bring "makers" together by allowing anyone at any skill level in music, art, writing, illustration, etc to make games (simple or complex) together that I or another developer would bring to life.

Each month I'll post a theme. From that theme you can create one part of a game (art, illustration, music, writing, voice over, anything). Then I'll take those assets and make a game from them.

We have 7 members including myself - will post first theme once 3 more join.

Check it out:


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