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Walls Closing In

At the tattered ends of trauma...can you survive the Butcher of Northbury Grove one last time? · By Scythe Dev Team

You Outdid Yourselves!

A topic by JackTheBloodyHanded created 42 days ago Views: 71 Replies: 2
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Always loved Northbury Grove, most especially its style. It’s not often that small indie teams bother to style their games, much less commit to it, but Scythe with Northbury Grove has always been the exception. Its premise, story, characters, color palette selection, voice work and most especially music, come together perfectly like all the stars were in alignment. It was one of the few games that actually felt like the 80’s slasher era. It’s not a throwaway gimmick; it’s the heart of the series.

So I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Walls Closing In until I started playing, only because sequels often lose sight of what made the original so good. But instead of abandoning the Northbury Grove style and lore, you expanded on it in ways I never knew I wanted. Without spoiling anything, you seemed to draw from a few new influences for your locales. There’s a lot more to the world this time, making the legend feel more epic. Even better: You managed to expand the story while keeping it grounded, having no need to cross over into corny territory. I can tell you worked hard on this; you respect the universe and the player. You wanted this to be good. And it shows.


Oh, you say you like the music? Maybe grab the OST for free on us...

Really appreciate the kind words! We have been developing this universe since 2013 (and our music guy since high school, like 2003 - 2007 era) and just happened to start our games with the Slasher, because of how much we love horror movies of the '70s and '80s. 2 out of 3 of the devs are Halloween fanatics. (John Carpenter's filmography is unrivaled! And the guy wrote all the music, too? So crazy.) We wanted to give players the ultimate Slasher experience with this trilogy, and especially WCI, which we started the day Northbury Grove was released. There was lots abandoned, and the project got rebooted a few times, but in the end we hope to have achieved the perfect book end for the trilogy. 

Moving forward we'll start expanding the universe like we did with Cultists & Compounds, but with more care. King's Comfort, C&C, and Senile Showdown were all made during the WCI development as "side quests," so to speak. Originally, Northbury Grove was supposed to feature the King's Comfort sequence and the Walls Closing In sequence. But it was good to split them up so we could hone our skills and improve for WCI, which is probably the biggest undertaking any of us have creatively tackled in our lives.

And now, we get to update our Unity and HDRP. We get to re-calibrate and move our focus to a different setting, a different story, a different part of the universe. and treat everyone to something entirely different. We couldn't do it without all of you taking the time to play these games, share your thoughts, share your playthroughs. It means the world to us people are playing, and when streamers and YouTubers cover the game, it really makes it all worth it. (Seeing people play the game is like us finally getting to see our movie play.)

Scythe Dev Team

Thanks a lot! Very much appreciated! I look forward to the projects you do in the future! Though, I have to admit, I’ll miss this little town. 

Thought I’d report a possible bug while I’m here. It seems the game is not saved during the 3rd act if you come back to the game later. I was playing through the last chapter, died a horrible,  painful death, and it started me at the beginning of the chapter. I had to quit out for a bit. When I fired it back up a few hours later my progress was gone, OR the game isn’t giving me access to it. When I click continue, it starts a new game.