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I have to say, one change can make all the difference! I still ultimately got stuck, but I think this is much closer to its potential. I look forward to more.👍🏻

My favorite part of the game is its main mechanic. This short project is a great example of what could be done if turned into a fully realized game. 👍🏻

I loved the aesthetic, and the underlying story that was told without words. A scary story worth telling again and again. 

THIS is a game I need to see a lot more of! I was especially curious at the end when it looked like we were going to be able to explore. Jump scares came along when I wasn’t expecting them, and absent when I was, which I think is really cool. You also included real threats with chase scenes that weren’t prolonged or overdone, which is nice, considering that many “psychological” horror games turn out to be nothing more than walking sims. I’m most especially invested in the game’s story now, which rarely happens to me so quickly. 

One suggestion might be to be mindful of how small key items are in environments so big. Some items are incredibly small or blend in with the environment. I also feel like I’ve seen some assets before.

I’m looking forward to seeing more. I’ll definitely be looking into your Kickstarter! 

I think it's got a lot of potential, but with the batteries lasting only a few seconds, it's difficult to enjoy trying to navigate the house that's near-pitch most of the time. I welcome a challenge, but after so long it just becomes frustrating fumbling around in the dark.  I really like the game's look, atmosphere and premise though, so I'm looking forward to future builds. 

I loved the look of Detour as soon as I saw it. Almost immediately, it made me curious as to what could be done with this type of gameplay and presentation if it were fleshed out into a full experience. There are many ways to produce a scare, and I’m thankful that Detour isn’t afraid to be different.

While The Myth is short, it’s enjoyable. I’m a big fan of the aesthetic, which does a great job of creating mood. Aside from some minor performance hiccups, The Myth is a brief but interesting take on the genre. 

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Excellent so far! Right from the get-go, I could feel like a lot of effort has been put into this. The music, atmosphere and voice work is very professional, and I couldn’t stop glowing over the tight controls! I’m excited to experience the final product! 

Very, very good game with lots of effort and care. If I have any criticism at all, it would be that the AI patrols require the player to wait a little too long. Otherwise, a cool and stylish little horror title.

Thanks a lot! Very much appreciated! I look forward to the projects you do in the future! Though, I have to admit, I’ll miss this little town. 

Thought I’d report a possible bug while I’m here. It seems the game is not saved during the 3rd act if you come back to the game later. I was playing through the last chapter, died a horrible,  painful death, and it started me at the beginning of the chapter. I had to quit out for a bit. When I fired it back up a few hours later my progress was gone, OR the game isn’t giving me access to it. When I click continue, it starts a new game. 

Always loved Northbury Grove, most especially its style. It’s not often that small indie teams bother to style their games, much less commit to it, but Scythe with Northbury Grove has always been the exception. Its premise, story, characters, color palette selection, voice work and most especially music, come together perfectly like all the stars were in alignment. It was one of the few games that actually felt like the 80’s slasher era. It’s not a throwaway gimmick; it’s the heart of the series.

So I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Walls Closing In until I started playing, only because sequels often lose sight of what made the original so good. But instead of abandoning the Northbury Grove style and lore, you expanded on it in ways I never knew I wanted. Without spoiling anything, you seemed to draw from a few new influences for your locales. There’s a lot more to the world this time, making the legend feel more epic. Even better: You managed to expand the story while keeping it grounded, having no need to cross over into corny territory. I can tell you worked hard on this; you respect the universe and the player. You wanted this to be good. And it shows.

Excellent game! Reminded me a lot of Hello Neighbor, and it’s remarkable how well it performs. I’d love to see what a full experience would be like. Great work!

I played your previous game as well, and I’m happy you want to keep going. I especially like how the game ends, and how it ties into the horror. Great job! I’m looking forward to your next game.👍🏻

Great game! It always amazes me what talents can do in such little time. For a sequel, imagine the game ending NOT how we think, and the player is followed home lol. Damn good job!👍🏻

Incredible! By far, one of the scariest games of the year! The slow burn of suspense builds to a terrifying peak. Throughout, you feel like you’re being watched or followed. I wish more games had a desire to be so genuinely frightening.

Nice horror/escape game with some interesting mechanics. My only complaint is that the controls are a bit touchy; at times, you have to be in just the right place to interact. A short but fun game.

What a nice little game! It was spooky, it was sad, it was funny and it was charming. I really enjoyed myself. The game is a little short, but there’s nothing wrong with that.👍🏻

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I liked it, though the game is quite short. I like good, bite-sized games. The only thing I’d recommend is that more meat to the story be added. Games don’t have to be long, but there needs to be enough to have impact. I enjoyed what was here though. KEep up the good work!

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Very interesting. The game crashes after operating the crank on the lower floor though. Also, there is a load game option, but the game doesn't appear to save at any point, and there doesn't appear to be an option to do so manually.

Very, VERY good though so far. Extremely creepy, and terrifying use of sound. The story is engaging as well. Can't wait to see more!

Loved the demo! It hasn’t been that long since I completed Search Party, so I was stoked to learn that Paranoihell was coming soon! I’m definitely interested in digging into some more story elements! Pretty polished too so far; I only saw one out-of-place moment in the demo (burger is broken). I’m psyched for the full release!

The download links appear to both be for the soundtrack only.

I love it when horror is lifted out of the woods and abandoned haunted houses. The Black Rose offers a refreshing change in setting, excellent sound design and a well-paced build of suspense.

This game took me back. Discomfort is just that; uncomfortable. The silence is deafening, as if there are eyes on you from the start. Short, but very effective.

Hahaha! So you noticed that...

This game has been one of the better surprises this year! MOR is so good, even through its performance hiccups, thanks to its premise and suspense-building. And who doesn’t like a good Ouija board story?! As much as this game deserves a sequel though, MOR’s ending is chilling; almost too good to mess with. You’ve made a new fan!

Ghost of Tomorrow is a pleasant surprise. The premise is chilling, and the mundane plays against you. Much like P.T., Ghost of Tomorrow takes horror out of zombie apocalypses and haunted mansions and brings it into real-world situations and everyday problems. I want more!

I think It Returns has a lot of potential, especially considering where the story could go. When the demo came to an end, I wanted more. And that’s always a good thing.

One of the scariest games I’ve played in years!! There’s so much to be found in the “slow burn” of suspense building that developers miss, but Love, Sam nails it!

Whenever classic games are re-imagined into new experiences, it’s so important to do it right. This one does.

I’m curious to see more.

It’s style and music is excellent. What’s more, the ending really stays with you.

I appreciate it, thanks.

Hi guys, 

I purchased the game and can't get it to install, no matter what I do. I've tried all the suggestions I've seen, and nothing has been working. Can you help? Greatly appreciated.