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Hahaha! So you noticed that...

This game has been one of the better surprises this year! MOR is so good, even through its performance hiccups, thanks to its premise and suspense-building. And who doesn’t like a good Ouija board story?! As much as this game deserves a sequel though, MOR’s ending is chilling; almost too good to mess with. You’ve made a new fan!

Ghost of Tomorrow is a pleasant surprise. The premise is chilling, and the mundane plays against you. Much like P.T., Ghost of Tomorrow takes horror out of zombie apocalypses and haunted mansions and brings it into real-world situations and everyday problems. I want more!

I think It Returns has a lot of potential, especially considering where the story could go. When the demo came to an end, I wanted more. And that’s always a good thing.

One of the scariest games I’ve played in years!! There’s so much to be found in the “slow burn” of suspense building that developers miss, but Love, Sam nails it!

Whenever classic games are re-imagined into new experiences, it’s so important to do it right. This one does.

I’m curious to see more.

It’s style and music is excellent. What’s more, the ending really stays with you.

I appreciate it, thanks.

Hi guys, 

I purchased the game and can't get it to install, no matter what I do. I've tried all the suggestions I've seen, and nothing has been working. Can you help? Greatly appreciated.