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I thought this game was very good. I’m impressed at your ability to build tension and atmosphere in a game so brief. I admit, I didn’t quite understand the ending like I thought I would’ve, but the experience itself was pretty cool, especially given what looked to be limited resources. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future! 

I’m astounded by how much has been done here with what seems like so little. The visuals are simple but charming, and the audio is very well done. What I like best is the build of tension until the main gameplay mechanics are introduced. And when all hell breaks loose, it’s so intense! Very well done! 

I keep getting audio errors. Drivers are updated and game tried again, but no-go. Looks great though! 

Pretty excellent game. I thought it’d be hard to build atmosphere in a brief game, but you did it, and did so effectively. The game’s really big moment took me by surprise but was incredibly welcome. 

This. Is. So. Good!

😂 I didn’t see it coming!

Fun game! Honestly, I never expected it to actually be effective. Short but sweet, this game accomplished what seems to be intended. Reminds me of one of those “Tell a scary story in one sentence, but in game form. 

This is a great little horror game! I love that there are not only multiple endings, but the game can be played in non-linear fashion. There were things going on that I didn’t put together until I played through more than once. It’s not done nearly enough in games, so it’s great to see it here. I can’t wait to see more from you! Great work!👍🏼

I was a bit surprised that there was more than one choice in this one. It was nice because, for such a brief experience, I liked having the option. The endings were particularly unsettling to me, and very different from how they could’ve ended, which was nice. Artsy-style endings rather than cliched end screens are always welcome. Short and sweet. 

Playing Agony of a Dying MMO is all-too real in a lot of ways. Playing took me back to the early days of EverQuest, where similar bonds form with players who have a mutual love for a virtual world, and how they felt being a part of it. Almost every single moment of this demo rang true. That moment that it dawns on you that it’s a world you’ll never be able to go back to again... this demo nails what that experience might very well be like. 

I’m a huge fan of the stylish opening; it’s been awhile since I witnessed such a professional approach from an indie game. I also love how much dialog is included. It brings the world to life in ways that text can only mimic. 

Truly marvelous work, and I can’t wait to experience the full release!

LOVED IT! These cute-but-twisted games are some of my very favorite horror experiences, primarily because of both the unexpected, and a touch of the bizarre. It’s always fun to play a game that has so much more going on than what we’ve been led to believe. I wish this all the success in the world, and can’t wait to see what you do next. 

While it took me a bit to get the hang of what the game wanted me to do, I eventually did figure it out, and Blind immediately started making more sense to me. The game is a bit difficult at first; it’s like entering your own house, but your lights are burnt out, so you’re feeling your way through. But it rewards you in the sense that things start coming together once you get it. The title of the game is very fitting here; not that it’s dark, but it doesn’t hold your hand. If you keep at it, you’ll figure it out. At first I wished it were easier, but after I finished, I don’t think it would’ve been the same game had everything been explained. It’s a concept I’d like to see developed further. 

I loved this! I dig the time period, and Hitchcock-style approach. I don’t know how many endings there are, but I managed to get 3. It’ll be interesting to see where you go with this idea, as it seems as though there’s a few different routes you could take. I only wish more independent developers had a desire to do something unique. Great work! 

This game opens up in such excellent fashion. Real horror is about atmosphere, story and character development, and Chasing Static has it all in spades. It’s awesome to see gameplay mixed with the character interaction; by far the demo’s highlight. It lures the player into the plot and keeps them engaged. When the demo ended, I wanted more, so Chasing Static has got to be high on my must-play list. Great work! 

Overall, this was a great game! I loved the style and approach. The atmosphere is dreary, the main puzzle mechanic is clever and feels fresh, and the music is outstanding! My only struggle was with the controls. Even with the game pad, it took some getting used to. Adored that 1st-person perspective segment though! Fantastic! 

I love so many elements to this: The radio chatter, the introduction... reminds me of some of my favorites going in. I’m a big fan of stealth horror, so that’s a big plus as well. Some minor puzzles and nothing too tedious. It’s important that these styles of games are properly fleshed out so that the player has plenty to invest in. And so far, I think you’re on the right track. I’m especially impressed that this is your first crack at it. I can’t wait to see what you do with this going forward! 

Lol this was strange, weird, spooky and hilarious! The ending was a little abrupt, but the accompanying dialogue made that part great. Now I see the genius of it! Nice! 

I hope this game gets the attention it deserves. Some of my favorite games are those with a deep, well-written stories and, when they cross paths with folklore, it makes for a unique and engaging experience like no other. Thanks to this game’s attention to detail to character development, I played this game feeling as if the memories within were mine. Its visuals and environmental sound effects brought it all together like I was in a real place. Despite its elements of the fantastic, so much of the story is very grounded. Runo is superb. 

I was really taken by surprise with this one! 

I can’t wait for the full release of what you’ve got planned! You’ve got the makings of something really special here! It’s like this demo came out of a well-established studio! 

This is really good stuff! It’s been awhile since I’ve played a game of this type. I do wish the framerate was a little smoother; it could use some options, but I came away very impressed, seeing as how the game was made in such little time. I look forward to seeing more from you! 
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I really enjoyed this! Excellent retro visuals, top-notch sound and level design, some light puzzles and a good sprinkle of humor without throwing the game’s scary themes out of balance. This is honestly great work! My only criticisms are actually more nitpick-y than anything, but I thought the random face jumpscare near the beginning was out of place and not in line with the rest of the game. And, it’s just my personal preference, but I think the world of games can leave the black bars behind. Aside from minor preference things, this game is outstanding work, and I look forward to more! 

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This game’s got fantastic pacing! Each element of scares — whether it be visual, audible, etc. — makes its appearance precisely at the right time. I love the game-within-a-game style of horror experiences, and this adds a unique blend of exploration and puzzle solving to the list. Excellent demo overall, and I look forward to the full release! 

So very good so far! I’m not usually scared by playing games that contain storylines like this, but this demo changed my mind! I’m looking forward to the full release. Great work! 

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OMG, what a bloody good time! I couldn’t get enough! The gameplay is fast and fantastic, and it’s about time someone makes a horror-themed game in this setting. The bullet-time mechanic is extremely fun, and the level encourages more exploration than you might think. If you take the time to look, you’ll be rewarded. I can’t wait to see how Coven shapes up! 

Made a fan out of me! Though brief, Consent does a great job of giving the player a scenario that stands out from the typical “drop you in a room with flashlight” game. I enjoyed the noir themes most, and how the game builds suspense by implying that the player isn’t alone. In fact, I’d love to see you expand on this idea since this game was made in such a short time frame. Great work! 

Loved this! At first I was exploring, thinking I was in some kind of haunted house. And then IT appeared! Freaked me out. I’m a big fan of the alternate sight mechanic. Changed things dramatically from a gameplay perspective. Great work! 

I love the idea of a game that feels so innocent, and this one particularly hooked me because of the developer’s inspirations. I look forward to the full release! Excellent work! 

This was so cool! Of course, I wish it were longer, but the concept is so brilliant; I thought it was completely innocent. I knew things were slowly changing, but I never guessed was the end game was supposed to be until it happened. Loved it! 

I didn’t know exactly what I was playing in the moment, but this not only gave out a creepy vibe, but it’s very well made. I was getting “The Ring” vibes while viewing the tapes. Some of the mundane moments that suddenly distort is particularly effective. I’d like to see this concept built upon into a full blown story, where the player tries to piece together a story from multiple tapes. Nice work! 

What a cool game! I love gothic horror and, this game in particular nails the most critical element: atmosphere. The combination of dark, foreboding visuals and powerful soundtrack bring this relatively small area to life, making it feel endless, isolating and terrifying. There were very few moments where I didn’t feel like an ominous presence was watching me, and every tombstone reminded me how alone I was. This is truly fantastic work; you did so much with so little! Highly recommended! 

Great game! Of course I wish it were longer, but I had a blast with my sprayer. Pretty jammin’ too. Brief experiences can be really fun. I thought for sure that the game would be more humor than horror, but... nah. Not at all. 

Very cool concept for a game! I enjoyed the moody atmosphere here. Though brief, I had a great time playing. I do wish there was more than one ending though. It seems certain that the game intended to have at least two, from the looks of it. I like the idea so much that I’d certainly like to see the game expanded. It feels like the mechanics were designed for a much bigger game. Just as I was settling in, the game ended. Great work, I’d like to see this fully fleshed out.

Night in Riveranger does indeed bring that wonderful atmosphere and beautiful art direction that made players like My Beautiful Paper Smile so much. While brief, Riveranger is teeming with character that lures you into its world. Its performance is a delight, running silky smooth from start finish. My only wish is that this was further expanded upon.

Good stuff! This is your first game? That’s so cool. Things only look up from here. The final sequence is a bit troubling sometimes when you respawn; I’m sure that’s not intentional. The Interview is good though. It’s brief, has plenty of creepy moments, and sometimes funny. I look forward to your future projects.👍🏼 

Cool little game. Of course, given my favorite styles are games with multiple endings, I’d ask for more endings, if anything. The atmosphere is creepy; the silence works well here. I enjoy the story elements to set it up. I’m also a big fan of adding little things — even those animations for your tasks — that keep the player engaged. I look forward to the full release. Great work 👍🏼

I did receive an approval key from you on Keymailer for Flesh Eating Geriatric Internet Predator. Very much appreciated! I'm soon ready to start. About how long is the game?

I was blown away by how effective this game is. The premise is pretty straightforward, but it’s so much more than trying to get home. The mix of gameplay and story details makes Kaerimashou terrifying and charming at the same time. Miyu in particular, despite having a bit of an attachment issue, is both terrifying and likable. I’d love to see this idea expanded upon, with more endings and story scenes. Not that the provided endings aren’t enough — they chilled me to the bone — but I love the idea of trying to change my fate through hidden paths. Either way, Kaerimashou is excellent!