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Updates: Alpha 0.0.9c Sticky Locked

A topic by Dasius created Jan 18, 2017 Views: 9,554 Replies: 3
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Developer (30 edits) (+5)

Patch 0.0.9c

  • Fixed - saving and loading
  • Fixed - Update wrist and hand enarmes ingot values on load.
  • Fixed -  to heat status and table status.
  • Fixed - Metallic objects should bounce less.
  • Fixed - Delivery crates should turn when Alt- Rotating them.
  • Fixed - no longer able to create 3 ingot rims.
  • Fixed - Removed an issue preventing shields boss and enarmes from rotating.
  • Fixed - items being assembled on the crafting table. They will no longer clip in the table when created.
  • Fixed - Few grammatical correction in customer request.
  • Fixed - issue with disassembling weapon and selling the disassembled parts.
  • Fixed - Save game tweak to only save the file once
  • Fixed - Overhall on weapon/item id’s. Allowing us to add weapons or items without creating any issues with equipping tools or using them and any other possible issues the old system might have presented.
  • Fixed - Shields will inherit log colors
  • Fixed - Alloy weapons are equipable and fixed their mining logic
  • Fixed - Widened the trigger box for coal and wood detection in smelter
  • Fixed - Quick fix to sleep that caused the character to be sleepy every time the game is reloaded.
  • Fixed - an issue with passerby characters walking funny when caring lanterns.
  • Changed - Turned map into a winter biome
  • Changed - Sort items in stack of 10 up to 30 total items when opening delivery crates.
  • Changed - Customer will look at weapon/shield they want when created.
  • Changed - Customer will no longer tell you they are in a hurry
  • Changed - Customers will teleport to the shop if they get stuck.
  • Added - a guide book in the Blacksmiths room
  • Added - christmas presents and other themed decorations
  • Added - proper shield collision and disassembling.reassembly.
  • Customer will now order Shields along with weapons.
  • Added - snowman
  • Added - candy cane grip and head
  • Added - a mouth for everyone.
  • Added - prompt to save game when moving to sandbox mode
  • Added - crates to the woodworking bench
  • Removed - flames from one of the particle emitters.
  • Removed - the word “shield” at the end of special orders
  • Removed - ability to sleep in sandbox mode
  • Adjustment - to the shield display on the woodcutting table
  • Adjustment - to wood logs spawn when cutting down trees.
  • Adjustment - shield physics angular and linear dampening
  • Adjustment - grips to display proper rarity.
  • Adjustment - Increase the size of the order desk
  • Adjustment - Overall map, at night will be darker.
  • Adjustment - Increased time sleeping .

Patch Notes 0.0.81

  • Weapon head hot when disassembled
  • Ingots turning into copper heads
  • Option to disable rain
  • Grip-Guard spawning multiple guards on anvil when dissassembling
  • Axe heads spawning in multiples on anvil when dissassembling
  • Stones creating trees
  • Ore’s should save and load along with everything else.
  • Keybindings should save properly as well
  • Cancel customer button working properly again
  • Weapons selling for expected value.
  • Smelter no longer burning fuel when fuel removed
  • Smelter button toggle.

Patch Notes 0.0.8

  • Added - Customers are now in professions.This adds a little more depth to each customer. Each customer will ask for weapons or tools tied to their profession. The tools/weapons materials they ask for is tied to your hammers material.
  • Added - New pickaxe. Customers will now ask for axes and pick axes.
  • Added - Horse and wagon.
  • Added - A new parts shop.
  • Added - Cave 1.0
  • Added - Smelter to the blacksmith shop.
  • Added - Mining and logging 1.0.
  • Added - Coal
  • Added - Weapon Refining 1.0. Right now all weapon heads have stats you can adjust. Press Shift+Left Click to begin the process of refining your weapons when the weapon head is on the anvil and heatedRight click to stop the moving bar.
  • Added - Keybindings.
  • Added - Lantern to light areas. You can pick them up.
  • Added - Partial Controller Support
  • Added - You can now equip the hammers, axes and pickaxes you’ve created. Press the “E” key to pick up your desired tool. You can cycle through each one by pressing buttons 1-3 on your keyboard. Equipping a new one will replace the old equipped slot but not drop it.
  • Added - Rain 1.0
  • Added - Players can now edit their names on the character sheet. Click the EDIT button.
  • Added - Pinups. Players can hang paper on the walls.
  • Added - A clock
  • Added - Ambient night sounds
  • Fixed - Crouching is much smoother now.
  • Fixed - Smelter will properly queue each ore.
  • Fixed - Customers will no longer purchase the wrong weapon when multiple weapons are on the counter.
  • Fixed - Wrong names and colors for some grips, guards and ores.
  • Fixed - Typo’s
  • Fixed - Lighting fix should increase fps by a little.
  • Fixed - Customers will no longer take the wrong weapons
  • Fixed - Weapons should now properly register and sell.
  • Fixed - You can no longer spam left clicks while on the anvil.
  • Fixed - Throwing objects no longer triggers the player animation.
  • Changed - Water to Oil
  • Changed - Ingots will cooldown after 5 minutes.
  • Changed - Blueprint sheet to reflect new items.
  • Changed - Main Menu
  • Changed - Weapon guards can no longer attach to blades. Everything must be attached directly to the grip.
  • Changed - Purchase sheet now has little indicator arrows.
  • Changed - Time no longer freezes at midnight.
  • Changed - Sleeping speeds the time for 8 (ingame) hours. Is also only available at night.
  • Changed - Mining ore resets every 23 hours.
  • Changed - Reworked audio

Known Issues

  • Weapon Head in heated state after dissassembling
  • All Ingot turning into Copper Heads
  • Weapons not selling properly 


Patch Fix

Alpha 0.0.731

  • Fixed- Customers should spawn like before.
  • Fixed- Default settings should now work
  • Fixed- Mouse should stay in game window now.
  • Fixed- Hammer should work in sandbox mode

Alpha 0.0.73

Changes and fixes

  • Fixed- Customer name should now match the name on the ledger.
  • Fixed- Polearms spawning half out of the delivery boxes.
  • Fixed- Customer AI should no longer spin in circles.
  • Fixed- Weapons should no longer fall off customers.
  • Fixed- Customers should now always purchase the right weapon, as long as it meets requirements.
  • Fixed- Extremely dark rooms during night time.
  • Fixed- Gamma settings.
  • Fixed- Weapon parts switching over to other parts.
  • Fixed- Should get less weapon notification spams.
  • Fixed- Typos in a few places.
  • Fixed- Tweaks to menu buttons.
  • Fixed- Tweaks to culling distances.
  • Fixed- Tweaks to ambient occlusion.
  • Fixed- Making monster weapons should no longer be possible.
  • Fixed- Last part you held should no longer jump around when you left click.
  • Fixed- Small adjustments to terrain. Removed Trees, rocks in certain areas for better AI pathfinding.
  • Fixed- Other minor tweaks

  • Added- Sparks for hits on the anvil.
  • Added- Graphic settings will display chosen options.
  • Added- Music settings.
  • Added- Invert mouse settings.
  • Added- Mouse sensitivity options.
  • Added- Completed weapon save states.
  • Added- Timer will reset changed resolution settings.
  • Added- Smelter(Sandbox).
  • Added- 2 cart variants (Sandbox).
  • Added- Axes(Sandbox).
  • Added- Shield boards(Sandbox).
  • Added- Trees can be cut down (Sandbox).
  • Added- Logs can be cut to Firewood.
  • Added- Firewood can be added to smelter to make Ingots.
  • Added- Occlusion Culling.
  • Added- You can now click on weapons on anvil to break apart.
  • Added- A cash cap to max amount of cash players can have in their cash chest.

  • Changed- Radial Selection Menu can now be held instead of toggled.
  • Changed- Ledger details reworked.
  • Changed- Small blades can no longer connect to guards.
  • Changed- Ores will no longer turn to ingots on the forge(Sandbox).
  • Changed- Removed tutorial papers for the time being.
  • Changed- Pressing Esc while main menu is open will close the main menu



  • Fixed - No longer possible to build large weapons with one ingot.
  • Fixed - No longer will get the wrong ingot type.
  • Fixed - Did more work on fixing pricing issues.
  • Fixed - Greatsword issues
  • Fixed - Spamming notifications
  • Changed - Now you can only choose an option with the "Z" menu when you have ingots on the anvil. Also, weapon heads that cannot be created will be grayed out based on the amount of ingots on the forge.

The last head type will be used if possible, otherwise, you won't be able to make a weapon head unless you choose an option.

  • Changed - Changed the prices so now it's harder to obtain the higher tier ingots. Will be reworked based on player feedback. This is to pave the way for mining and forestry.
  • Changed - Reworked the customer payment system.
  • Added - Now you are rewarded for completing jobs fast.
  • Added - You can view more details on a customer's purchase by clicking a customer's completed order on the receipt sheet above the treasure chest.


Patch Fix

Alpha 0.0.71

Fixed - Quick fix to Greathammer heads unaccesible.

Fixed - Customer sneaking into shop and locking door on player.

Fixed - Greathammer heads not selling

(Edit)Fixed- Accidently had the days shorten. It should be back to 10 minutes.


Changes and Fixes

Alpha 0.0.7

⦁ Fixed - More work on anvil/ingot interaction.

  • (Edit)Fixed - Crates should explode less.

⦁ Fixed - Adjustments to exiting the shop sign and main menu. Hopefully now people won't have issues getting out.

⦁ Fixed - Issue with prices not adding up to the proper amount.

⦁ Fixed - Adjustments to the terrain so it doesn't eat your creations.

⦁ Fixed - The burnt coal on the forge is now scaled down so you can lay ingots flat without them rolling off the forge.

⦁ Changed - Decrease the size of the ingots 2/3 of its original size. Will help with better placement on the anvil.

⦁ Changed - Updated the Forge model to give it more personality.

⦁ Changed - You can now access more areas of the map. Which means more bugs you'll most probably encounter :p.

⦁ Changed - Blacksmith starting house is now smaller but looks better. This is the smallest version of purchaseable homes. In the distance is the medium version that will be available in the next update along with the 3rd version which is much, much larger and a the town.

⦁ Changed - Movement to the Guardian. ( Animation is still being worked on)

⦁ Changed - Size of Ingots are smaller.

⦁ Changed - Now steel no longer exists and has been replaced with Adelite.

⦁ Changed - Changes to how you select different weapon heads. You need to press "Z" and select the head you want. So you still need to cycle thru each part but you don't need to cycle through blade heads to reach hammer heads. This feature is still in development as expected.

⦁ Changed - Changes to how the Customer recognizes combined weapon parts.

  • Great Hammers can only be made with large Hammer heads and long grips,
  • One hand hammer can only be made with a normal hammer head and normal grips.
  • Great Swords can only be created with large blades, large guards and long grips.
  • One Hand Swords can only be made wih a normal blade, normal guard and a normal grip.
  • Daggers can only be made, atm, with just short blade and normal grip... The combinations were messing up my code, which made it hard to find problems.

⦁ Added - Sandbox Mode

⦁ Added - First iteration of mining. Only accessible in the sandbox mode.

⦁ Added - New soundtrack

⦁ Added - New GUI elements.

  • (Edit)Added - You can now reheat weapon heads in the forge. Heated weapon heads are the only way to cycle through all of the weapon heads.


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Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Patch - 0.0.31

Fixed No collisions on hooks

Adjusted prices of parts

Fixed Number of Ingots on Anvil spawning wrong item.

Fixed wrong grip being spawn when trying to spawn a PoleArm

Alpha 0.0.3 Changes and fixes

More changes to shop interior, exterior and environment.

More work on Customer AI. ( Customer will start looking to see if you have any weapons on the shelves while entering the store. So you can start stacking your shelves. Still needs work though.)

Changed how you connect the weapons together. Now weapons snap together with the right orientation. So no more messy, (maybe) frustrating looking weapons.

Added 4 small hammer heads, 1 large hammer head and 1 polearm grip. You can now combine them with the other weapon parts.

New one hand and two hand grip and blades. You can access the new blades by swapping them at the anvil.

Reduced the wait time for the Customer to 1 minute since building weapons is simpler and quicker.

Small changes to weapon type combinations and how the Customer determines the right one for purchase. (Basically, the Ai can determine if a weapon is a two hand sword or two hand hammer, one hand sword or a one hand hammer, etc..)

Added new grips to purchase list. ( You can scroll up and down the page now)

Changed how ingots and the anvil works. - You need to have the right amount of ingots to make a blade, hammer head etc.. At the moment, 1 ingot will be used for smaller parts like knife blades, which are not in the game yet. 2 ingots are required for normal size blades and hammer heads and 3 ingots are needed for large sized blades and hammer heads. These might change in the future but I think it should work long term.

Added music. Special thanx to PuffBallsUnited over at

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Developer unlocked this topic

Alpha 0.02 Changes and fixes:

Did more work on the Customer AI. Hopefully they bug out and walk in to walls less.

Small changes to the shop interior.

Did more work on the Shop Sign. Capped how much text can be entered.

Fixed issue where you had to click on the screen whenever exiting a menu.

Changed the size of the Two Handed sword blade so it looks more like a fantasy Two Handed sword blade.

Changed player crouch height.

Pressing Escape now pauses the game.

Removed motion blur. (Will add option to enable/disable in next update)

Changed visual for weapon order from customers.

Added Customer Names.

Reduced the size of the download file.

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Developer unlocked this topic

Patch Fixes

Alpha 0.0.63

⦁ Fixed - For the number of ingots not being recognized properly when placed on the anvil. It should be more accurate and allow you to create the right item based on the number of ingots.

⦁ Fixed -Save game should hopefully work now. Including proper days should be saved and cash should still exist everytime you save and load the game.

⦁ Fixed - Papers positions should be saved along with everything else.

⦁ Added - Cull Distance for foliage. Hopefully will help with frame rate. Will have a setting another update to adjust how close or far or you want it based on computer specs, including completly eliminating it..

⦁ Added - First pass on town houses. Since it's incomplete players dont get too walk inside. Regular borders are still there. Blacksmith updated house will be on major update.

⦁ Changed - Reduced light flicker from fire sources for those prone to epileptics seizures. Hope that helps.

⦁ Changed - Adjustments to lighting. Definately need more work.

⦁ Changed - Adjustments to Gamma.


Patch Fixes

Alpha 0.0.62

Fixed - Additional work has been done on parts collision. So hopefully this minimizes issues concerning parts not connecting including when you break them apart and put them back together.

Fixed - Blades showing the wrong prices when made into a sword. It should be working now.

Fixed - Customers staying in the shop should no longer happen after day 12.

Fixed - Customers will open door if you close it on them.

Fixed - Can no longer steal purchased weapons from customers as they're walking away.

Fixed - Graphic settings are now saving.

Added - Notification on the bottom right corner of your screen, letting you know what you made before selling it.

Added - Gamma can now be adjusted along side resolution scale. This should help alot for the lower end computers.

Changed - Ingots now will snap to the anvil. Still not working perfect but this forms the basis for better iterations.


Changes and Fixes

Alpha 0.0.61

Fixed - Cost of items were not being processed properly. Including, fancy grips price not being considered in sales. Now everything you buy at the store will process correctly when selling weapons.

Fixed - Did more tweaking with Auto Exposure. So it should take less longer to see in dark areas.

Fixed - Issue with cash being at 0 when loading game.

Fixed - Stats and level being reset or at 0 when loading game.

Fixed- Charisma should effect your sale prices.


Changes and Fixes

Alpha 0.0.6

  • Change - Now deliveries are in crates. You can pick them up and bring them into your shop. Then proceed to smash them open to get your order. Better then picking them up one by one into the shop.
  • Change - Extended the work hour. Real time 10 minutes.
  • Change - Change time at which you can go to sleep ( You can sleep earlier incase you want to skip to the next day.).
  • Change - Coins are no longer visible in treasure chest. Was causing lag issues at higher amounts. (temporarely disabled until I find a better solution)
  • Change - Adjusted the purchase list to accomodate the new ingots.
  • Change - New shelves
  • Change - Removed the inventory racks. Removed being able to put completed weapons on rack for selling temporarily. Doing more testing. (You might be able to put a completed weapon near the door and the customer might pick it up)
  • Added - Character Sheet and Level up systemVersion 0.1. "P" to open character sheet ( Will be doing more testing and balancing.)
  • Added - Flowers.
  • Added - More donators to customer roster. Thank you guys!!
  • Added - More ingots to use. They can be purchased.( More testing and balancing will be done in this area as well)
  • Added - Fullscreen and Window Mode should now work, as well as any supported resolutions in either modes..
  • Added - Arms and legs to the blacksmith.
  • Added - A weapon blueprint sheet as reference to what you can build. Hopefully that will help people get an idea of how to make the basic version of the weapons.
  • Added - Animation to customer when making a purchase.
  • Added - Part names on mouse over.
  • Added - Added outline around interactable/important objects.
  • Fixed - Ingot bars should work properly with the forge.
  • Fixed - Order list value clears when items are delivered.
  • Fixed - Did quick adjustment to the purchase receipt list.
  • Fixed - Adjustments to post processing. (it might cause more lag for lower end computers.)
  • Fixed - Purchase receipt list should display listings properly when reloading a saved game.
  • Fixed - Customer should now always try to grab the weapon when you are close to the exit of the shop. If you place it on the counter infront of them, they should automatically try to grab it.


Changes and Fixes

Alpha 0.0.5

  • Finally added a much needed save game feature. The game also saves when you sleep. I will be doing more work on it in the future but now you can save your game. Unfortunately, I was unable, for this update, to save every aspect of the game including weapons built. So any weapons that are assembled when saved will be be disassembled when the game loads. I'm hoping to get that fixed for another update. So for now, you're gonna need to reassemble all of your weapons back together. Sorry it took so long !!
  • Added names of people who donated. Thank you again guys.
  • **Turning ingot bars to weapon heads require more hits on the anvil.***(Some require more hits then others)
  • You can now give the weapons to the customers when you're finished. Rather, once you get close to them, they will move towards you and try to take the weapon.
  • Customers patience will decrease as the days go by starting from 3 minutes. Each day, 10 seconds will be reduced. The lowest time they will wait is 1 minute.
  • Changed the look of the crafting table.
  • For people that had trouble figuring out the controls. They are in the controls menu when you press escape but i also added it on the wall in the bedroom.
  • Minor change to the moon - added another moon and allowed the moons to be barely visible during the day instead of completly invisible.
  • More minor adjustments and changes to weapon parts.
  • You can now turn on/off the torches.
  • Added new character model and animations. Not super awesome but they fit in the world better, i think, then the ones freely provided by Epic.
  • Added short blades for daggers and spears. Of course you can attach them to a two hand sword grip to make a ... . Just use one ingot to make the short blades.
  • You can pick up the open crates and move them around for your storage needs.
  • Made changes to how you dissassemble weapons. You need to put the weapons on the anvil and click on the anvil to break the weapons.
  • The customers will ask for daggers now. You can make them with any one hand grip and short blade or normal blades.


Changes and fixes

Alpha 0.0.4

  • Moooore changes to shop interior - Removed the little table. Work area felt clusterphobic.
  • Yes the tools on the side do nothing.
  • Did more work on the Customer AI. They should properly grab items from the counter and leave the store without issues. If it's still an issue let me know. (Issue revolved around objects and weapons colliding with the Ai's pathfinding, preventing them from completing any action properly. This resulted in them having to repeat actions over and over again. ) Still working on the inventory area not registering items properly. Hopefully its working better for everyone.
  • Fixes to the anvil and cycling between weapons.
  • Added Crystals.
  • Added day/night cycle. - Customers will only come by your shop on sunrise and stop by sunset.
  • Added closing/opening shop. You can close your shop anytime you want.
  • Added doors.
  • Added beds and sleeping to progress into the next day. You can only sleep at sunset
  • Rotating assembled parts works better nowNo more rotating individual parts that are connected.
  • Added graphic options that can be changed. Including Depth of Field which can be enable or disabled.
  • Added more Sound FX including a sound for when you complete a weapon. If you don't hear the complete sound then something went wrong and you need to dissasemble your weapon and put it back together again. Also a sound for when the customer purchases a weapon.
  • Adjusted the price of Pole Arm grips.
  • Fixed coin jitter in treasure chest.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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