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Any tips?

A topic by Tim850 created 9 days ago Views: 63 Replies: 4
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I've made some 2D art for my upcoming game.

I've made some sort of bird called a Minic and a baby variant of it.

I've also made the eggs which will hatch into animals if certain conditions are met.
The small eggs will hatch Minics.

Of course I also made an environment to test out everything. So I made floating islands and some interactable boxes that you can push of the islands and such, but the boxes and  especially the background will change in the future.

It's very simple pixel art, but i feel like i can do better and there are so many talented artists out there.
So if you have any tips for me on how to do better do tell!


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The 1st and the 2nd image have just a bit of a lack of contrast with the colours. The red could be a bit brighter in the first image, and the darker white could be a bit more darker in the 2nd image.

3rd image: add some grey on the bottom of the clouds for more volume. And use the dark brown earth colour to do the same to the bottom of the land islands but with a rougher transition to give the earth a rough texture compared to the smooth colour transition of the cloud.

Hope I helped somehow.


Thanks for the reply!

This will certainly help!


is good, is not important how looks now, is important u start do something, no matter if looks professional or not. good job

thanks :)