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"400 Bad Request" error in client

A topic by OfficialSkyPiglet created Jan 14, 2017 Views: 639 Replies: 4
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i just spent an hour looking through games on the client just fine, but now it's giving me this error whenever i try to load any pages.

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Large


I tried clearing the cache in the client, and clearing all cookies, cache, and history in IE and Edge. I also tried logging out and logging back in, and logging out and deleting the session before logging back in. Still no luck. I can load the site just fine in any of my browsers, but not in the client.

Edit: Just tried restarting and no luck there. Also tried running Command Prompt and flushing my DNS.


Luckily, itch v23 ships with a "Clear browsing data" button, in "Preferences -> Advanced". Make sure to check cookies!

(IE & Edge have 0 influence on the itch app, it has its own browser)

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I have the same problem and the button doesn't fix it for me.

Edit: Odd. Now it loads fine after a day or so.


Was it the exact same message? (400 - Cookie too large)