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Survive the Zombies, a funny mix of Real Time Strategy and Survival games

A topic by Wabby's Land created Jan 13, 2017 Views: 220 Replies: 4
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I'm glad to introduce you my new game : Survive the Zombies

Your goal is to manage a group of survivors against zombies.

For each session of the game, the player have to keep a certain amount of humans alive during a determined number of days.

You have to protect your base camp too. If, it's destroyed by the zombies, you lost the game.

You play sessions on a virtual gaming table with a parametric and randomly generated map.

Game features :

  • Build your camp (shelter, infirmary and canteen)
  • Manage your resources and the survivors needs
  • Day and Night cycle (some actions are forbidden during night)
  • Add watch towers
  • Put different kind of traps outside your camp
  • Assign defenders in strategic places
  • Randomly generated zombies
  • Horde of zombies
  • Collecting wood
  • Search for resources (food, water, medkits, gasoline) by exploring abandoned buildings
  • Use vehicle for your researches
  • Explosives : make zombies flying away !

Try the demo for free !

For each new release the price will grow a little bit, so buy now in early access to support the development then you will have free updates until final release.

Opinion and feedback are welcome :-)

Will I need any libraries to play this ... It looks cool.

It's a standalone application, so you need nothing except an OpenGL compatible graphic card. To be sure : try the free demo... if it works, the full game will work too. I hope you enjoy the game !