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Value for a Team as Producer and Portfolio Question

A topic by cameronhgamedev created Jan 13, 2017 Views: 208 Replies: 3
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I'm looking to land a job as a producer in the games industry once I graduate from my Masters and I had a couple questions I wanted to ask. What would you say are the most desirable qualities for a producer in a team and what would you say is most important for them to bring to a project? If you were looking through a portfolio of a producer, what would you look for?

Apologies for the large number of questions but as I'm developing my portfolio, I would like to know how to tailor it and create it for the industry.


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I'm not a producer but I recently interviewed one on my podcast which you can find over yonder , and followup

Self promotion aside, from my talks with him, we've come to the general agreement that it's important to display anything that represents your ability to manage tasks and roles under pressure or deadline. Gather testimonials from people you've worked with/managed, have a set of projects that required someone to take charge and direct it in order for the project to come to fruition.

I guess this is kind of vague, but I hope it helps and good luck to you!

Thank you! I'll give it a listen later today but what you've said here is already helpful and a good start.

I'll keep all of that in mind when developing my portfolio. Thanks again!

I'm a big fan of showing not telling. When I was looking for a game designer job a few years back, I turned my portfolio into an adventure game and ended up getting more response than I expected.

I still ended up staying indie, but it was a good experince.