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limiting downloads of a free game

A topic by endofdemo created Jan 12, 2017 Views: 301 Replies: 2
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Hi, we're really interested in using the itch refinery as a way to gather some early feedback for our game. At the moment we're considering adding just a single level for play-testing, and then increasing the content over time as the game progresses.

What we'd like to do is offer the in-progress game for free, but limit the number of people who can download it. I can see how to limit the downloads using a reward, but it doesn't seem possible to create a free reward. So, is there something I've missed, or is it not possible to do this at the moment?


It's not something that's directly possible right now. One option is to generate a bunch of download keys that require to be claimed and have them listed somewhere people can grab them. Then you should also keep your game published, but disable new purchases. This for require someone to have a download key to get the game, and since they must be claimed to an account it will limit the max number of people who will have access.

In the future we might have an official way to do this since I can see it being useful.


Ok, thanks.

For us what would be most useful would be a way to limit the downloads directly, rather than using a limited reward to restrict access. I think it would be much clearer if the buy button for the game explicitly showed the limit and the number remaining - something like:

Buy now ($10) - 17/100 remaining

or for a free beta

Download now - 154/500 remaining

Obviously rewards are useful in other instances, but I think clarity around what you are purchasing is paramount - and at the moment it seems a little confusing if you have to buy a 'reward' to be able to download the game.

This would make it a very attractive platform from which to do closed beta tests. Just my 2 cents of course, feel free to ignore me :)