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Watch the rise and fall of empires! · By snoddasmannen

Game Speed

A topic by Apolo33 created Jan 12, 2017 Views: 365 Replies: 3
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Hello !

I just discovered this game, really enjoy it, good job.

I started on Android (FPS ~30) and I noticed that game speed was the same in normal and fast mode

I bought it for computer for a better experience (mostly with UI) and I started to feel something was wrong with game speed.

Is the game speed coupled to framerate ?

Because with 60 FPS (PC) the game is way too fast for me to take actions before I'm dead ^^

On PC (with almost unlimited hardware firepower) there IS a difference between normal speed and fast speed (because it can still handle 60FPS on fast speed)

Not sure I'm 100% clear, but I hope you get it. And a question now, do you think you can fix this someday ?




Hi! Yeah I see what you mean. Yes framerate is coupled to game speed, it's not like in most other games where the framerate is just an indication of how pretty the graphics are, it also means how many ticks of the simulation are done every second (excluding things like timelapse).

What I could do is to add a slower slow motion mode to let you play the game more peacefully :) Other than this, try pausing the game a lot, it helps :)

Funny I found a way to slow a bit the game by only playing with 2k stars :)

As a developer I know how tricky the tick & rendering stuff is.

Maybe some dt var (elapsed time since previous tick) could help to avoid having a game running fast just because the hardware can

If i'm not clear, you can see it (it's a codepen of my own) here in the JS part : function __Tick


anyway, great game ! Keep it up


Sorry for the amazingly slow response :) The game is already capped at 60 fps, so it's not going to go completely crazy on a fast platform, it's just that it's slow on a slower platform :) Also there's no real way to use a dt var, as every simulation tick needs to be fully evaluated - or the simulation kind of breaks.

Now what I could do is to stop drawing the frames to screen if framerate drops, that might be more of a professional approach :)