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Funny I found a way to slow a bit the game by only playing with 2k stars :)

As a developer I know how tricky the tick & rendering stuff is.

Maybe some dt var (elapsed time since previous tick) could help to avoid having a game running fast just because the hardware can

If i'm not clear, you can see it (it's a codepen of my own) here in the JS part : function __Tick


anyway, great game ! Keep it up

Sorry for the amazingly slow response :) The game is already capped at 60 fps, so it's not going to go completely crazy on a fast platform, it's just that it's slow on a slower platform :) Also there's no real way to use a dt var, as every simulation tick needs to be fully evaluated - or the simulation kind of breaks.

Now what I could do is to stop drawing the frames to screen if framerate drops, that might be more of a professional approach :)