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Posted in Game Speed

Funny I found a way to slow a bit the game by only playing with 2k stars :)

As a developer I know how tricky the tick & rendering stuff is.

Maybe some dt var (elapsed time since previous tick) could help to avoid having a game running fast just because the hardware can

If i'm not clear, you can see it (it's a codepen of my own) here in the JS part : function __Tick


anyway, great game ! Keep it up

Created a new topic Game Speed

Hello !

I just discovered this game, really enjoy it, good job.

I started on Android (FPS ~30) and I noticed that game speed was the same in normal and fast mode

I bought it for computer for a better experience (mostly with UI) and I started to feel something was wrong with game speed.

Is the game speed coupled to framerate ?

Because with 60 FPS (PC) the game is way too fast for me to take actions before I'm dead ^^

On PC (with almost unlimited hardware firepower) there IS a difference between normal speed and fast speed (because it can still handle 60FPS on fast speed)

Not sure I'm 100% clear, but I hope you get it. And a question now, do you think you can fix this someday ?