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A topic by A Grape Design created Jan 09, 2017 Views: 1,982 Replies: 40
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Here you can post your suggestions for items you want in the game!

If possible, maybe incorporate some of the same items from the original game. I really liked the fur outerwear, the bomber jackets, and the patterned tops. It would also be nice if the pants could come in the same colors as the skirts and tops and to have more patterned tights. (picture of some of the items I'm referring to)


Thank you, I like your suggestions! I will see what I can do. :)

I love that I see some of my suggestions in the game now! I really appreciate it! :)


of course no problem! :) more will come probably

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I'd like to see more eye and hair color options!! Especially an option for red/auburn hair, since currently the icon that looks like red hair is more brownish. Also maybe freckles and the ability to layer shirts?


Thanks for your suggestions!
Freckles would be cute! What more eye colors are there? hehe, I thought I had all that you could have. :)

The red hairs look quite red on my computer, but they might look more brown on some monitors maybe! We'll see if I add another color in the future, it's quite a bit of work to add a new hair color so it probably won't happend for a while.

Also, what do you mean with the ability to layer shirts?

Hey Anna! Loving the new game, it's amazing! Would you be willing to add some gloves in the future, for winter outfits? Also, I second the red hair thing. A more intense auburn hair would be lovely. Thank you so much for your lovely work <3


Hi thanks! Gloves are a great suggestion, I will definitely put in some of those :)
Ok more red hair. Do you guys think that I should make the red hairs that already exist more intense, or do you want another red hair option?

Though I'm sure it'd be more work, I'd prefer another red color entirely, as I really like the red hair color you have now c:


sure, I can do that in a later update. :)

In the second hair page there is a red long hair, is that too intense? A bit to unnatural I mean. Just so that I know what you guys are looking for!

I have to disagree with Cheyenne, I think just making the already available color a little more intense would work just fine. It's all up to you, though, the red hair looks really beautiful anyway :)


Ok good to know :) We'll see how it turns out.

Hey, you've made a wonderful game! Just so you're aware, the denim shorts don't stay to the left of the girl when you switch tabs. Also, is there any way I could put a shirt on the girl and then put a different color shirt over that? Same applies to the sweaters. Thanks for the great game!


hi and thanks!

ok thanks for letting me know about the shorts, I'll look into it!

Hmm I guess I can make it so that if you change colors, only the colors of the clothes not on the girl will change. I'll see what I can do!

Hi Anna! I'd love it if you could add underwear and bikinis, and also add more colors for the clothes like purples and blues :) And more colors too for the shorts and pants. And if you plan on adding underwear, could you please make the top separated from the bottom please =) Hope you can do it


Hi and thank you for your suggestions, underwear and bikinis are on my to do list! :)

Hi, love your game! I was thinking, perhaps more tattoos and hairstyles, some more variety for the hairs would be nice. It'd also be cool if we could change current styles to unnatural colors (blues, pinks, greens, pastels, neons, things like that). Maybe one or two more eye colors? prehaps a more golden or hazel looking brown and a grey or something. Lastly, maybe some joggers, cropped turtlenecks and cropped long sleeves, and floor length dresses??? possibly inspired by clothing from places like forever 21? You don't have to use any of these, but i figured i'd drop down some suggestions! i love your game! Thanks so much for your time!


Hi and thank you! Great suggestions, I'll keep them in mind when I do more updates :)

hey techno mother could you make a male counterpart to this game?


I know a few of you want that, and it would be really fun! It would take a lot of time though since it's outside of my comfort zone :)

And since it's hard to make money of these games, I don't know if I can spend that much time on another one.

its okay work at your own pace

I am deeply in love with this game. Your work is excellent. :D

I'd like to second the request for hazel, gold, and gray eyes and also suggest black/suuuuper dark brown and violet, which is a pretty common color for contact lenses.

My suggestions for clothes: cat-eye glasses, varsity jackets, plaid shirts, solid color pleated skirts, tulle skirts, mid-calf and knee-high socks, a tattoo choker, rain boots, and hiking boots.

More curly hair options would be awesome, especially if they had bangs.

For hair colors (And I know they're a lot of work, so I understand if they're not a possibility)

  • gray/silver
  • that pale warm blonde-ish pink from the last game that ends up kind of strawberry blonde
  • a medium natural red between the existing light shade and the darker intense red, like a good solid red-copper (This is my natural hair color, and I would be eternally grateful if I got to see it in this game.)
Thank you for making this game!

Really great suggestions, thank you! I like when you guys are specific in what you want. :)

Please consider donating a buck or two it you want me to keep making updates!

Omg! I didn't even know I could! Thanks for telling me, because I'm happy to do so. :)


Haha oh, perhaps that haven't been so obvious to people as I thought! :D I wish I could make the donate button bigger and flashier lol. THANK you so much for donating! It instantly made me more excited to work on the update :)

Donated c:


aw thank you SO much!

looking forward to undies!!

thinking maybe you could

  • add more tattoos options
  • make it where you can save outfits to the planner/calendar (where outfit inspiration is)
  • add another undercut option (i know it takes a while to make these)
  • add athletic socks (like the ones with the stripes at the top)
  • add more color options for pants
  • add single colored pleated skirts (although i love the plaid)
  • add a few more punk clothing options
  • add more background options

i love this game and love everything you do!! cant wait for more updates!!


Thank you so much for your suggestions! :)

happy to help!!

Hey technomother I really like your game, I suggest to add body types in the future if it is possible.


Hi! Thanks! Unfortunaly that is not possible. :( I would have to make aaall of the clothes and different colors of the clothes in different sizes and that's not gonna happend. :)

Have a nice day!

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Hey I really like this game. I like the suggestions about adding bathing suits, underwear, different body types, and plaid shirts (ones that you can tie around the waist would be super cute too). I also think it would be cool to have a transparent or mesh type top that you can layer with other shirts. That might sound a little confusing but I don't really know how else to explain it. I'm sure if you looked it up you could see what im talking about haha.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through these and for making such an incredible game!! xoxo


Hi and thanks for your suggestions!

I'm making underwear/bathing suits right now, will also add transparent tops! Different body types are impossible unfortunately and I've tried shirts that tie around the waist before but they are super buggy so I removed them. I will see if I can fix them and add them again. :)

Please consider donating if you enjoy my game, have a nice day!

Hi! I really love the game. I have a few questions. 1. are you planning on adding music.( I'm just asking you don't have to ).2 Also will there be more backgrounds?3 Do you think you can add the way she poses and the direction she looks. ( sorry for all these questions, I am a very curious person)


1. I haven't planned it, but I could if you want! :) My boyfriend is a musician so I could probably ask him to make some music for the game.

2. Yes I have more backgrounds planned! just need to find the energy to work on updates. :(

3. No that's not possible. I would have to make all of the clothes change too and that's waay to much work! :)

Oh, that's cool. Thanks for the reply

Hey ! I'm a french player and I really love the game ! My suggestions for clothes are more sweats pants and shirts aroud the hips ! (I don't know if my english is good ? ) 

You should make quests and things you have to complete i think that would be super awesome